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  • I’d like to give you a heads-up about some changes we’re making at OpenSSL. We’re simplifying how you can get our software, and that means we’re phasing out some older methods that don’t quite fit with the way the web works today.

    We’re no longer using our old ftp, rsync, and git links for distributing OpenSSL. These were great in their day, but it’s time to move on to something better and safer. and rsync:// are not available anymore. As of June 1, 2024, we’re also going to shut down and git:// mirrors.

    GitHub is becoming the main distributor of the OpenSSL releases. So here is the transition plan. The steps will be spaced in 2-week intervals to gather and respond to any eventual feedback:

    • Starting from the next patch release the tarballs will be uploaded only to GitHub, the download link at will redirect to the corresponding release at
    • One frequently downloaded old release at will redirect to the corresponding release at
    • All remaining frequently downloaded releases at will redirect to the corresponding releases at

    Why change things? Well, here are a couple of straightforward reasons:

    • Safety first: The web’s come a long way in terms of security, and sticking to HTTPS helps keep everyone safer.
    • Keeping it simple: Fewer methods of distribution mean less clutter and confusion, letting us focus on making OpenSSL even better.
    • Watching the budget: Streamlining things cuts costs, which means we can spend more on improving OpenSSL and supporting you all.

    That being said, the main source of OpenSSL releases will be OpenSSL GitHub. OpenSSL Source will remain only for backward compatibility and will redirect to GitHub.

    Thanks so much for sticking with us. These updates will help us keep improving and ensure you have the best and safest experience using OpenSSL.


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