Selfless Compassion


Things that happen in one part of the world, affect the entire world. Everything is connected, the common ground for all people is consciousness.


A crisis shows that technology has a positive place in the world to help people, a few examples are: to send a compassionate message, pass vital information around the world quickly, to aid science and research, and to solve many human problems without any detriment to the people.


A crisis shows that real heroes are found among us all; many of which offer selfless compassion to those in need, huge respect and love go out to them.


During a crisis, there is much heartbreaking sadness and fear, and this is where compassion plays a big role. The world works as one, when countries help one another and when people help one another; then it can also be the golden opportunity to establish the foundation for a better world. The golden opportunity for a new era of...

Love & Peace
April 2020

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