The Crisis Is A Crisis In Consciousness
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Jiddu Krishnamurthi. Speech c.1985

When he says man he also means woman. The following words are not representative of Jiddu Krishnamurthi, but a reflection of what he is saying.
If there were only a group of people remaining on the earth.
One person from each country. After many years of desperately searching for other people, they all encounter each other; to realise they had a relentless hatred towards each other, because they have a different colour skin, their beliefs are different, they look different, and because they came from different countries.

Do you think it would still matter to them? Knowing they are the last remaining people, or would they be grateful to merely see one another as human beings from one world, the same world, our world. When The Sun shines to gives us life, it does so for all human beings.


I believe through their longing to feel other human compassion; to see their own species alive. They would embrace one another and everything they once hated about one another would instantly vanish to the point of being moved to tears to see other human souls still alive.


If we strip away centuries of power & greed or before one group of people are taught to think badly about another group people, all of which still exists in the present day, The natural path for all human beings is to feel compassion for one another.

This is the radical revolution of the mind we need in every one of us. A radical revolution of the mind, an instant transformation of the mind. This is desperately serious and needed to change everything bad that is happening under Earth's roof right now. If the consciousness of all the people changes to the good, A better world will naturally follow.


Considering the speech was many decades ago and what little we have learned through history
Will humanity ever reach that kind of harmony?
Let's Start Now . Do It . Live It

No Organisations . No Groups . No Communities . No Movements . Just You.


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December 2019


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