Face-to-Face 2024 Australia

  • The OpenSSL Project has returned from spending a week in February sequestered in the beautiful Australian outback discussing the past, current, and future state of the project. This in-person meeting brought together the project’s paid resources and the management committee. Our goal for this meeting was to chart the course for OpenSSL’s future, tackle current challenges, and note our collective achievements. Three project members were unable to participate in person and joined the meetings remotely.

    In the 2023 in-person meeting, the project unanimously agreed on a mission and values statement that reflects not only our desire for greater transparency and community engagement, but our commitment to organizational independence, and to our core mission of making secure communications available to everyone. We have achieved many things in 2023 including:

    • OpenSSL 3.2 released in November 2023
    • Added 7 new full-time resources working on the project
    • Creation of regular webinars such as the providers workshops
    • Adoption of time-based releases

    At this year’s meeting we revisited our mission and values statement, have reconfirmed our belief in the statement, and are now hard at work making sure the mission and values are reflected in all aspects of the project. Keeping that in mind, a recurring theme that was discussed was the importance of community engagement. OpenSSL thrives because of its community, and we explored new strategies to encourage participation and contribution. Stay tuned for further communication from us regarding new initiatives to promote community interaction.

    Beyond the sessions, the meeting was a valuable opportunity for team members, many of whom work remotely, to connect in person. These moments of connection are invaluable, strengthening the bonds within the project resources and reinvigorating our collective passion for the project.

    Please stay tuned for updates on our progress and how you can contribute to the future of OpenSSL.

    The 2024 Face-to-Face meeting was highly productive and we are all eager to see what the future holds for the project. Until next time, keep your data safe and your connections secure.

    Please enjoy photos from the meeting.

    [Photo of OpenSSL F2F 2024 in-person attendees]

    [Photo of OpenSSL F2F 2024 in-person attendees making a fun pose]

    [Aerial Photo of OpenSSL F2F 2024 in-person attendees sitting around a fire]


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