az vm --help Manage Linux or Windows virtual machines.

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        az vm : Manage Linux or Windows virtual machines.
        availability-set       : Group resources into availability sets.
        boot-diagnostics       : Troubleshoot the startup of an Azure Virtual Machine.
        diagnostics            : Configure the Azure Virtual Machine diagnostics extension.
        disk                   : Manage the managed data disks attached to a VM.
        encryption             : Manage encryption of VM disks.
        extension              : Manage extensions on VMs.
        host         [Preview] : Manage Dedicated Hosts for Virtual Machines.
        identity               : Manage service identities of a VM.
        image                  : Information on available virtual machine images.
        monitor                : Manage monitor aspect for a vm.
        nic                    : Manage network interfaces. See also `az network nic`.
        run-command            : Manage run commands on a Virtual Machine.
        secret                 : Manage VM secrets.
        unmanaged-disk         : Manage the unmanaged data disks attached to a VM.
        user                   : Manage user accounts for a VM.
        capture                : Capture information for a stopped VM.
        convert                : Convert a VM with unmanaged disks to use managed disks.
        create                 : Create an Azure Virtual Machine.
        deallocate             : Deallocate a VM.
        delete                 : Delete a VM.
        generalize             : Mark a VM as generalized, allowing it to be imaged for multiple
        get-instance-view      : Get instance information about a VM.
        list                   : List details of Virtual Machines.
        list-ip-addresses      : List IP addresses associated with a VM.
        list-sizes             : List available sizes for VMs.
        list-skus              : Get details for compute-related resource SKUs.
        list-usage             : List available usage resources for VMs.
        list-vm-resize-options : List available resizing options for VMs.
        open-port              : Opens a VM to inbound traffic on specified ports.
        perform-maintenance    : The operation to perform maintenance on a virtual machine.
        redeploy               : Redeploy an existing VM.
        resize                 : Update a VM's size.
        restart                : Restart VMs.
        show                   : Get the details of a VM.
        start                  : Start a stopped VM.
        stop                   : Power off (stop) a running VM.
        update                 : Update the properties of a VM.
        wait                   : Place the CLI in a waiting state until a condition of the VM is met.

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