az cache --help Commands to manage CLI objects cached using the `--defer` argument.

az deploymentmanager --help Create and manage rollouts for your service.

az container --help Manage Azure Container Instances.

az ad --help Manage Azure Active Directory Graph entities needed for Role Based Access Control.

az cognitiveservices --help Manage Azure Cognitive Services accounts.

az consumption --help Manage consumption of Azure resources.

az aks --help Manage Azure Kubernetes Services.

az bot --help Manage Microsoft Azure Bot Service.

az dls : Manage Data Lake Store accounts and filesystems.

az appservice --help Manage App Service plans.

az feature --help Manage resource provider features.

az functionapp --help Manage function apps.

az dms --help Manage Azure Data Migration Service (DMS) instances.

az cloud --help Manage registered Azure clouds.

az advisor --help Manage Azure Advisor.

az dla --help Manage Data Lake Analytics accounts, jobs, and catalogs.

az cdn --help Manage Azure Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

az backup --help Manage Azure Backups.

az extension --help Manage and update CLI extensions.

az batch --help Manage Azure Batch.

az ams --help Manage Azure Media Services resources.

az apim --help Manage Azure API Management services.

az acr --help Manage private registries with Azure Container Registries.

az appconfig : Manage App Configurations.

az eventhubs --help Manage Azure Event Hubs namespaces, eventhubs, consumergroups and geo recovery configurations - Alias.

az eventgrid --help Manage Azure Event Grid topics, event subscriptions, domains and domain topics.

az disk --help Manage Azure Managed Disks.

az billing --help Manage Azure Billing.

az account --help Manage Azure subscription information.

az cosmosdb --help Manage Azure Cosmos DB database accounts.

az deployment --help Manage Azure Resource Manager deployments at subscription scope.

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