Docker’s 6th Birthday: How do you #Docker?

  •     Docker is turning 6 years old! Over the years, Docker Community members have found some amazing and innovative ways of using Docker technology and we’ve been blown away by all the use-cases we’ve seen from the community at DockerCon. From Docker for Space where NASA used Docker technology to build software to deflect asteroids to using “gloo” to glue together traditional apps, microservices and serverless, you all continue to amaze us year over year. So this year, we want to celebrate you! From March 18th to the 31st, Docker User Groups all over the world will be hosting local birthday show-and-tell celebrations. Participants will each have 10-15 minutes of stage time to present how they’ve been using Docker. Think of these as lightning talks – your show-and-tell doesn’t need to be polished and it can absolutely be a fun hack and/or Continue reading...

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