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Part Two

The environment intended for all species


Governments, countries and money

Governments are crucial to the lives of people all throughout the world in the systems we use. Every aspect of living in the system is governed by government policy. These systems are with us from birth to death. People working in government political parties may not be the most popular people when making decisions that affect their nation or other decisions that affect the world, and political parties are also trying to implement policies with many world leaders who are at odds with each other. Government emotions in these articles are negative, based on challenges societies have faced over decades. Most people agree that governing a nation is a difficult task, with governments attempting to strike a fair balance with a nation at odds with each other and world leaders at odds with each other; In practically every policy decision, there will always be a sector of a country that opposes the policies of a political party. People in the world have to live with government systems until another approach is found, an approach where people have a sense of not being governed.

After the devastation of World War II, there was a "golden opportunity" for world leaders to establish a framework where world leaders from any country could not consider themselves a world power (eliminate the use of the term world power, along with eliminating all weapons) and any country could not police the rest of the world. After all, "world peace" is what every world leader wants? and talks about, so what's the need for weapons ever again? Peace on the lips of world leaders against the backdrop of various conflicts taking place. That "golden opportunity" was not taken, and the world is left in the situation it is in today. The framework that was established seemed like the right path, but it is not sufficient enough. Quote from the link: United Nations "The UN was established after World War II with the aim of preventing future world wars." What about preventing any war? It operates on the basis of diplomacy, which many countries disregard (see part one), and the organization reacts to situations that have already escalated instead of total prevention, however any organization to speak for the rights of the public and used as a voice of reason is good. The resource-based economy of the Venus Project is the most intelligent and rational option, but it requires a fundamental shift in consciousness.

The systems make people to move around with purpose, and depending on how important they feel about themselves, that will determine how they interact with the rest of society. Many people rarely look beyond the system—the rat race—and believe that the system is the very reason they are here on earth. Money itself is indisputable evidence that humans have an innate desire for ownership and territory. As a result, people developed a system of trade with one another, and numerous currencies were born from this exchange of products. Early humans had no idea what the Earth was or how to use all of its resources, but later generations of government, armed with more "knowledge and intelligence," could have chosen a different path and developed new ways to fully cooperate with one another. Instead, they continued down the path of ownership and possession in exchange for money or sometimes forcibly, and they have never looked back. The problems of money are playing out right in front of people today. Related articles: What happens when $2 trillion is sucked out of the global economy? It may not be pretty.

Human-created monetary systems are an imbalance in nature's equilibrium, and most of the world's problems arise from this. The evidence of this has played out many times throughout the history of money, never more than it is currently playing out in 2023.

The majority of citizens of nations have to march to the beat of their chosen governments' policies; the best illustration is the global covid19 health crisis of 2020. In retrospect, millions of people throughout the world are wondering why they did not question and think more about some of the ludicrous things that were demanded of them. Why did I act like a pre-programmed computer? One explanation is 'no choice', many nations made it a crime to violate covid19 rules. Following the initial shock and awareness of the disease, many of the imposed measures appeared to defy scientific reasoning. It is troubling to consider that some of the measures of protection were recommended by prominent government health consultants. I believe that if their governments had requested them not to speak in public at the time, this is what people would have witnessed; It's not intended to be humorous, especially for the countless people who had loved ones in care homes and hospitals and were barred from visiting them. Many people had loved ones in hospitals or nursing homes felt the agony of not being able to comfort them in their final hours. Most people believe that it was excessive control of the personal human connection. In other words, removing human bonding—one of the qualities that makes us human. People generally do not object to taking precautions, but the decisions on potential risks in particular situations should be in the hands of the people involved.

It is important to remember that within governments, total transparency with the public is an issue; the internal dialogue mostly differs from the public dialogue. Many candidates promote transparency pre-election, along with an array of sweeping, enticing changes. "Change" is a very common word used for pre-election campaigns. Things do change after a candidate is elected; the elected leader does the opposite of their campaign promises, this appears to be consistent no matter who gets elected. One area where transparency is a major issue is the internal dialogue between allied nations; negotiations and events appear to often take place miraculously to coincide with a nation's elections to win public favor. Are world leaders just trying to create a legacy for themselves? See related article: Government systems

The monetary system created by humans is an imbalance in nature's equilibrium; there is no denying that most of the world's problems stem from this. The evidence of this has played out many times throughout the history of money. A list of economic crisis highlights the problem with monetary system, it's a problem that people have battled with for centuries. Do humans learn from historical mistakes? Related article: List of economic crisis

People used to pay close attention to global leaders' announcements. They may not have agreed with what was being said, but they thought it was worth hearing. People around the world have become so dissatisfied with political leaders that they have lost interest in listening to them. People have been unsatisfied with their failed promises to create a world worth living in over the years, and there is now very little trust or conviction in their polices.

Throughout the centuries, people became chiefs, rulers, and governments that carved out land possession through bloodshed, killing, violence, and deceit to form the physical borders of the land mass, which are now known as the countries. Generation after generation has been indoctrinated with belonging to this physical barrier (countries) as being part of their identity. The judicial system established by world leaders and governments today incorporates the categorization of people based on geographical borders. Locked in even before the lockdowns, at a country level. This is all so ingrained in modern society that few individuals think outside of the systems that regulate every element of their being, especially in rich nations where technology grows faster and is increasingly being utilized as a means of control. Many comparisons can be made to the movie The Truman Show: people initially not realizing the grip of control the systems have and then the moment of realization. The fact is that this is not a reality show; this is your life.

In fact, most of the world has completely embraced nationalism, or adherence to a physical boundary, to the extent that those trying to cross a particular border from elsewhere are made to feel unwelcome. The unwelcome sentiments is not new phenomenon, these have been engrained into human groups for decades. People who identify with a country are not always satisfied with their own prosperity within its borders. They are simply upset that those seeking shelter from other problematic parts of the world will be given priority over available resources while they must work hard to obtain what little they have through government-controlled unfair systems. What are some of the most pressing issues here? Is this a race issue? Is their situation being misunderstood? Is it a combination of resource ownership and nationalism? Is it a matter of jurisdiction? Depending on the individual it may be a combination of all of the above. Under the systems we live in, the groups that argue resources are constrained even before the influx of additional people entering and the possibility of crime gangs entering a national border have fair points; however we only need to consider the level of turmoil in the world to know that most people do not belong to a crime organization. No country wants crime to increase, but governments in nations where people movement is a problem cannot argue that crime didn't exist prior to the people movement problems. As countries are divided into national borders, smaller countries cannot physically or administratively handle a steady influx of people under the current systems. Growing populations, climate change, conflicts, and human civilizations over centuries have firmly established individuals living within country borders, and these challenges would eventually surface due to a lack of global cooperation and collaboration. Regardless of the issues a humane approach should be maintained.

People fleeing from famine and wars is not something new.

During the 19th century many Asians migrated to the land of opportunity that allows the possibility of upward mobility, freedom, and equality for people of all classes who work hard and have the will to succeed, The American Dream, the idea may have originated before 1776. From the link: American Dream. When Asians first arrived in the United States, it was far from a dream, and faced another kind of suffering. The following link: History of Chinese Americans explains that suffering. Over a 150 years later China’s Human Rights Abuses Invite US Leadership. Repeating the following: To take a religious quote "He among you who is without sin let them cast the first stone." It would also be correct to put it another way: let the race who is without sin cast the first stone.


US Immigration: Between the 19th & 20th Centuries over 600 separate pieces of anti-Asian legislation were passed limiting Asians from citizenship. Non-citizens had almost no rights. Whites could kill Asians with impunity because they could not testify in court. The Construction of Race & Racism

Side thought: People cannot help wondering if problems such as the global people movement today could be the trigger for more invasive technology.

The most important "What if"

What if the national boundary was so large that it could accommodate everyone seeking refuge or asylum? and it has enough resources to last billions of years for every human being? What would the dialogue be like then? Would there still be greed and strife? based on history (especially the magnificent "age of exploration") and the nature of humans? We only need to look at the current situation of the globe and the causes of conflicts to find the answer.

Why did Columbus want to go exploring?

"Other European nations, particularly Spain, were eager to share in the seemingly limitless riches of the “Far East.” By the end of the 15th century, Spain’s “Reconquista”—the expulsion of Jews and Muslims out of the kingdom after centuries of war—was complete, and the nation turned its attention to exploration and conquest in other areas of the world." - Source: history.com

One of the points being highlighted is that, at the very core of human beings, even when vast lands were rich in all kinds of resources, plenty for everyone, this wasn't enough; it didn't stop humans from going out "exploring," wanting more, and, if necessary, forcibly obtaining the resources they desired. It happened among other human species, between ancient Homo sapiens tribal communities, between nations, and it is still happening today.

There have been numerous accounts where immigrants are told that they do not belong in a country that is not their country of origin. What about colonialism? Related link: History of colonialism. Given that all modern humans (homo sapiens) originated in what is now known as Africa, this means that every human on the earth, all 8+ billion people, should be living in the region now know as Africa again, the original home of all modern humans (homo sapiens). From this perspective, it is clear to see how ludicrous it is to pose that question. Making a claim to territorial ownership entails the establishment of borders and the accumulation of resources. Do you believe this is the ultimate master plan from your high power? Do you truly believe this is humanity's fate on Earth? To be classified according to a variety of criteria, such as race, gender, color, and borders.

Governments and the news media instill fear in the population. Related article: A neuroscientist explains how politicians and the media use fear to make us hate without thinking and How and Why Government Creates Disease Panic The government understands that with each new policy, the public will be divided in its support. A divided society produces contrasting viewpoints with opposing groupings. If this applies to a wide range of government policies, it means that the majority of people in a country are always divided rather than united by common human compassion for one another; because we live in a monetary society, this normally does not happen because the policies mean that some people get "more" of whatever more is; this produces jealousy and anger. Imagine there was no monetary value for oil, wood, or any other resource. Having no monetary system is the path to preventing climate change disasters. Transitioning to the Venus Project's resource-based economy would solve many of humanity's issues. Link: thevenusproject

If the Venus Project's solutions of making all resources common heritage were used and tapping into volcanoes for hydrothermal clean free energy, people movement would not be an issue. The fundamental reasons for people's displacement is a lack of available resources due to climate change disasters, conflicts. or government corruption.

Related links:

Jacques Fresco's idea of using volcanos for geothermal energy almost 50 years ago, but most of his ideas were thought of in the early 1960s: The rest of the world is only now catching up.

Jacque Fresco

Jacque Fresco (1916 - 2017). Sound clip from Larry King 1974 interview. A New Way Of Living

Financial issues

Do the growing gasoline costs, increasing interest rates, skyrocketing food costs, food shortages, and the continuous war; sound familiar to you? But this isn't 2023; it's the years 1965 to 1982, with a particular emphasis on the United States. Oil prices climbed, consumer prices increased, corporate growth was sluggish, and wage growth lagged behind inflation. Large sums of money were spent to finance the Vietnam War during this time in the US. The time frame is referred to as the Great Inflation. These problems had a ripple effect on the entire world. Yes! everyone caught the cold.

1971 Economic troubles and "No lessons Learned"1970s-style stagflation may be at risk of repeating itself, Deutsche Bank warns

There is no better way to sum up the period between 1965 and 1982 than in Marvin Gaye's song "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)" from 1971. It also sums up the present time as well. Although the song talks about the US around 1971, it spoke to a larger global audience. The song is relevant to the current 2023 situation. Maybe having long hair is not an issue any more, but simply not wearing a particular item of clothing becomes a crime and a death sentence.

He knew it - Marvin Gaye (1939 - 1984):


Slave to organizational deadlines, commute to work on a highway with lengthy periods of sitting in traffic, breathing in pollution, noise pollution, road construction, cameras watching your driving and on freely moving traffic, fearing that you will be fined for breaking speed limits, or get to work on mostly inadequate and unreliable public transportation systems, comparisons can be made to moving cattle around rather than people, all the while building up stress levels, ready for spending an entire day at work. Those who briefly exited robotic mode might have felt trapped in the system as the majority of their time on earth slips away.

Nobody informed us that before the real robots arrived, we would be the first ones.

The issues with The Venus Project's proposed world becoming a reality, are in the image below. The Venus Project.

Anti-Capitalist Diagram


This is where we are.

All kinds of connections, between people, individuals, communities, groups and nations. who have harmed people physically, psychologically, or both for a long time, some may realize their mistakes and desire to make apologies, expect instant forgiveness. The damage is done when someone is harmed physically, psychologically, or both. Entities who experienced this kind of suffering had to deal with the stress, which may have led to various health problems, psychological wounds that never heal, killing or injury of another human cannot be swiftly or possibly never removed. Asking for forgiveness won't take away all of the accumulated pain that person has endured over a long period of time. People may need just as long as it takes to cause an individual, a group of people, or a nation, pain and suffering before they even begin to consider forgiving them, and this happens only after genuine changes are made. An individual's or group of individuals' pain and suffering can never be reversed; in certain cases, they may have been so severe as to alter the body's physiology and shorten life expectancy. Humans need to be taught how to be good; it is not a quality that comes naturally to them, as was discussed in prior articles. People seem to be more inclined to retaliate, to fight back, and to display their inflated ego. This is the state of people's minds in the world today. If they are not acting alone, they are acting in diverse groups, between nations and groups of nations.

This is where we need to get to.

In order for there to be complete equality between the races, there must be no psychological or physical barriers. Starting our journey into the transformation of the mind, there should be no ethnic divides, nationalist ideals, or territorial barriers. To get where we are as a species today, it was a lengthy downward spiral; if people were to ever turn the tide, it needs an instant transformation toward enlightenment. According to prior history, the last major global catastrophe, World War II, did not alter people in a way that would have elevated our awareness as a species, possibly for a short time afterward, but we did not make the leap to a higher psychological level. Perhaps the next major catastrophe will alter how we see ourselves in connection to the rest of the cosmos.

More funding for peace efforts...?

Biden seeks $105 billion for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, border security. CNBC: Full article.

Races mistreating other races.

When countries are putting blame on each other for human rights and the mistreatment of human beings. Through history, there have been various races enslaving other races. Enslavement itself is inhumane. The manner in which slaves were kept and treated is another matter. Some humans that were enslaved were made to work hard but also received rest breaks, food, and water at regular times. Other human enslavement was more barbaric; all the horrific details about what one race did to another can be found in any factually accurate history book. To take a religious quote "He among you who is without sin let them cast the first stone." It would also be correct to put it another way: let the race who is without sin cast the first stone. Then, of course, the debates begin about which race performed the worst atrocities; the point being made is that it shouldn't perpetually be going around in circles. For the exceptions, the very unique individuals, this is all very disheartening. Humans having intelligence would suggest learning from past mistakes and changing psychologically, yet, here we are. Science and technology are the only things that have changed, and while they have brought some benefits, they are also increasingly being used against people rather than for them. See related article: Internet Systems.

Civilization...we tried it, we need something new?

This always seems to get in the way.

"People seem to be more inclined to retaliate, to fight back, and to display their inflated ego. This is the state of people's minds in the world today."

Definition of civilization.

"The act or process of civilizing or reaching a civilized state."

Definition of civilized.

"Showing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement; humane, ethical, and reasonable."

The distance between nature and humanity is increasing, with most of humanity living in a separate existence to nature. We seem to have forgotten that we are a part of nature but have gradually become more and more distant from it. We have a mutual relationship with it. We are nature, and nature is us..

Our heartfelt feelings go out to anyone affected by any of the issues discussed in this article.
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Global issues.

Renown people saying it is we're at the most dangerous time in history. Here's what your vote has been worth over successive years of global government policies. How's the vote for your current world leader progressing in 2023? Financial problems, Housing problems, People movement problems, Employment problems, Government problems, Law enforcement problems, Judicial problems, Climate problems, Wildlife problems, Health problems, Transport problems, News media problems, Science problems, Digital Technology problems, Education problems, Relationship problems, Individual problems, Geo-political problems, Resource problems, Energy problems, and War Problems,

Corruption, deceitfulness, jealousy, greed, anger, cruelty, selfishness, unkindness, arrogance, disrespectfulness, violence, prejudice, racism, and without any verbal or physical violence, hostile gestures and looks: humans no longer have any these bad traits because in civilized societies these traits don't exist?? In reality, everything has been modernized without a hint of psychological change. The judicial system, in most cases, has kept physical violence minimized; verbal violence, hostile gestures and looks are used in place of it.

The most beautiful and heartfelt principles can be found in religious texts, but today's societies are proof that the majority of people do not adhere to these principles; regardless of their religious affiliation, most people have become further apart from moral values. The beauty of the lines merely used for passing words of hope; even without practicing a religion, if more people lived by the values in the religious or spiritual texts, many would agree the world would be a different place; the beautiful values in religious texts conflict with our own inner nature, that's why many communicate beautiful phrases and quickly forget them.


Religious Wars - In the name of their higher power. What a wonderful way to show there servitude to their high power. Religious Wars


Nature & Environment - How does it effect YOU?

The very essence of living

The air you breathe is slowly killing you.

WHO data show that almost all of the global population (99%) breathe air that exceeds WHO guideline limits and contains high levels of pollutants, with low- and middle-income countries suffering from the highest exposures. Full article: Air pollution

The water you drink could potentially contain chemicals.

Drinking water of millions of Americans contaminated with ‘forever chemicals’ Full article

Revealed: scale of ‘forever chemical’ pollution across UK and Europe. Full article

Certain foods are genetically engineered, contain synthetic chemicals, and contain excessive sugar and salt.

Genetically modified animals. Full article

Endless potential modifications, endless uncertainties

Food Awakening - Food, How does it effect YOU?

There is an organization that advocates for the importance of stopping oil for issues that affect people at a global level; on a more individual level, slogans such as Just Stop Sugar, Just Stop Salt, and Just Stop Ultra-Processed Foods would be relevant too. A high consumption of sugar, salt, or highly processed foods is also making people unhealthy and slowly killing them. People are impacted by both pollution and food from outside the body as well as inside the body. In essence, people are gradually dying from the inside and the outside.

Food in this context refers to any food suppliments, drinks, and any category of food or drink that humans consume

When was the last time you entered a hospital or medical office and saw banners explaining the advantages of consuming produce cultivated organically? Some informational flyers might include the phrase "It's also important to maintain a healthy diet." Unless you are visiting an expert in alternative medicine, it is uncommon to get advice about the types of foods that should be a part of this alleged healthy diet. The advantages of each type of fruit, vegetable, and other nutritious food should be highlighted on large banners.

It is important to remember that although certain chemicals come from nature, the process of creating the chemical can be natural or synthetic. Food manufacturers conveniently leave out this type of important information.

Taking an example of a well-known lozenges brand, ingredients can be potentially dangerous, but manufacturers have no problem selling them, letting the public buy and consume them. This is just a random food item (lozenges) other food items could contain other ingredients with similar or worse risks—look closely at the labels.

It contains the following:

Patent Blue (Blue V) E131 - Linked to potential health issues. Hemoadsorption to treat severe iatrogenic intoxication with Patent Blue: a case report Investigation of the genotoxic effects of patent blue V (E131) in human peripheral lymphocytes and in silico molecular docking

Isomalt - natural sugar substitute, Thought to beneficial for diabetics, dental health and weight. Quote from link below: "it can also have digestive side effects. Because isomalt is not fully absorbed by the body, it can ferment in the colon and cause gas, bloating, and diarrhea. In some cases, consuming too much isomalt can also lead to stomach cramps and nausea." Related link: Isomalt Side Effects

Sugar alcohols might be a slightly better substitute for sugar, but just because sugar is removed from the ingredients does not mean that the sugar alcohols are necessarily healthier. This is especially true if the sugar alcohols are healthy in some ways but unhealthy in others. Manufacturers use the claim that their food is sugar-free to entice consumers to buy their goods. Related link: Erythritol — Like Sugar Without the Calories?

Energy drinks? Food with high sugar content, They don't call it an addiction to sugar for nothing.

“I needed a wake-up call. I was drinking 12 cans of energy drink a day for 30 years. It was easier to give up cocaine than energy drinks. I had a stroke scare and I knew I had to stop,” the woman said. Related link: Sugar addiction-How sweet taste can be more powerful than cocaine

Acesulfame K - Artificial sweetener. Quote from link below "While current research is still unclear, consuming this sweetener may cause harmful side effects." So much for preventative measures. While no conclusive evidence is linked to health issues, it doesn't stop government from letting it go into your body, by allowing manufactures to continue using it in foods. Like with many ingredients that can be potentially linked with health concerns, action is taken afterwards, by which time people have been consuming it for years, only then will they stop giving it to the public. Related Links: What is acesulfame potassium? Artificial sweeteners linked with a 13% higher risk of cancer

People's eyes see the presentation of the packaging, the picture, the brand, and the nicely packaged item, it looks tempting... look again at the ingredients, make sure you know what you're eating. Just like pollution doesn't instantly have harmful effects, the same applies to certain food ingredients.

Indigotine (E132) - Artificial coloring - Quote from link below: "known to problems with blood pressure (dangerous increases of it). Other dangers of it stem from the fact that it’s an artificial color (the most prominent one likely being cancer) This blue coloring has been banned in Norway." Related link: Indigotine (E132) – Overview, Uses, Side Effects & More

Observe how some countries permit their citizens to consume potentially harmful chemicals while other nations do not. Does the fact that Norway has banned Indigotine mean that they have banned all potentially harmful compounds, or just this one, and do they permit their manufacturers to utilize other potentially harmful chemicals as well? The basis for this argument is that, as usual, there is a lack of global consistency when it comes to possible long-term threats to human health. The entire world's population should vote at the global level on matters that concern the entire world's population Voting at this level is mentioned because common sense rarely prevails.

Some artificial sweeteners, the importance is on the potential relationship to the chemical and health conditions rather than the country it was approved in.

  • sucralose - approved early 1990's
  • sorbitol - approved 1950s
  • Xylitol - 1963
  • Erythritol - 1990's
  • advantame - 2013 EU
  • Acesulfame Potassium - 1988
  • Saccharin - long history
  • Neotame - 2000
  • Aspartame - 1974

Aspartame - Approved around 1974

"WHO to declare artificial sweetener aspartame a possible cancer risk, sources say" Full link: WHO to declare artificial sweetener aspartame a possible cancer risk, sources say

This is only 49 years after it was approved. Do you see how it all works?

The technology to determine the long-term affects on the physiology of the body doesn't exist yet. This is the same reason why any preventative drug therapy cannot be fully developed and tested in a short period of time.

People simply don't know; the packaging and presentation intentionally make it appear good, and it's put into the shopping basket. The auto industry were aware of the negative health consequences that oil derivatives long before the green movement. Do you think they're going yell, "Wait, wait! that's bad for you! don't buy cars!"? For every class of individual, manufacturers stylize products and put it in a lovely, presentable package. In the same manner, producers of synthetic food additives and those who utilize them in meals that may be unhealthy for a person's health won't shout from the rooftops for people to stop consuming their products. As Jiddu Krishnamurti said "The crisis is a crisis in consciousness" From the outset government should have the conscience to reject all chemically produced ingredients, then manufacturers should have the conscience to not use potentially damaging products, and finally supermarkets should not sell products that are known to bad to people's health.

Some people will be able to afford the finest food consistently and, hence, are more likely to have better health throughout their lives. Where possible, the rest of the public needs to learn about food ingredients, stop eating foods potentially bad for health, or, if possible, try to be more self-sufficient. Governments are not completely banning potentially harmful food additives from entering our bodies and drastically restricting the amount of sugar and salt in all foods, as with most government regulations, for some reason they give the green light to manufacturers and the public ends up doing the hard work to determine if it's safe to eat.

The health-care industry is well aware of the dangers of excessive sugar consumption. When was the last time you saw informational banners warning of excessive sugar consumption in hospitals or medical facilities? Explaining the various ways it will lead to a shorter life span; governments recognize sugar is a long-term killer, just like long-term alcohol use, but they do not change the regulations to prohibit all shops from presenting, enticing all age groups, and making sugary foods easily accessible. Supermarkets and retailers that do this show little concern for their consumers and are only interested in making a profit. Even without regulations, supermarkets and retailers could stop making it easily accessible to their customers, but they will not. Manufacturers' low-sugar alternatives are potentially harmful to people's health in other ways; many substitutes are synthetic substances.

Related links: Processed foods are making us sick. It’s time for the FDA and USDA to step in.

From link above: "Chronic food illness kills up to 678,000 Americans a year."

In the world of food and food ingredients:

  • The government permit potentially harmful food ingredients into the manufacturing process and allows high levels of sugar and salt in foods.
  • Manufacturers hawk products with attractive packaging and sell junk processed food at lower prices.
  • The public eats unhealthy processed foods with high levels of sugar and salt, creating an unhealthful public.
  • A long side all of this scientific research on modifying food, with the underlying motivation for some entity to become very rich.

Under the monetary system, this is the approach that should be used:

  • Governments ban all unnatural synthetic food ingredients.
  • Manufacturers sell only healthy food at lower prices.
  • The public eat healthy, nutritious food.

Additionally, governments should introduce incentives for cities and towns to build their own hydroponic food farms and incentivize organic traditional local farms. So most types of fruit and vegetables are always locally available, cutting down on pollution levels from masses of vans and trucks making supermarket deliveries around the clock. The incentives should also extend to individuals wishing to grow their own organically grown produce. In the article A New Way of Living, which describes the Venus Project's resource based economy, where everything is freely accessible, it would be the same as above but without a government and a monetary system. A long with several other ideas, The Venus Project conceptualized a world like this in the 1960s.

Why doesn't the health care industry promote better food health and preventative health care more? If the hospitals and surgeries are struggling with patient influx, It would seem like a natural place to start for future generations.

Supporting article references.

They were talking about this 10 years ago— nothing changes.

Related links: The way America eats is killing us. Something has to change - The Guardian and How processed food is killing us - South Africa Today

The population as a whole must relearn what it means to live a healthy lifestyle on their own. Learn what it means to consume pure and clean food.

The more individuals are robotized by systems, the less thought is given to other aspects of human existence on Earth.

It would be great to see natural foods advertised—foods that come from nature—without any brand promotion. Of course, even natural foods have brands associated with them because even natural food has become big business, and business implies money. Leaving that aside, Posters and flyers of all different types of fruit and vegetables and the benefits they provide It would be great for doctors to push preventative measures before more serious health issues are established; instead, they continue to treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause; in fact, most are not even interested in determining the underlying cause. Related links: Food is medicine, so health insurance should cover it Using Food As Medicine

A skin condition; try this ointment; you're getting regular headaches; take all these painkillers. Oh, you need more time to discuss more than one health issue. Sorry, time's up; make another appointment. Just another medical number with a health issue. This does not refer to advances in science and technology and how they have helped so many people or the medical staff that are working hard around the clock. It refers to the availability of science and technology and making it available to the global population, as well as better patient administration and management. Government minister: "It's a spending issue." "Economic issue." Most people's response is: "STOP spending money to fund WARS stockpiling weapons and put the money to better use. Related link: Health Systems

Pharmaceutical drugs have their uses; for example, certain vaccines that have been developed and tested over many years have saved lives. Treatments that do not go through rigorous long-term testing are rushed through to make the most profits. Other drugs have greatly helped with pain management and less severe illnesses. Many of the useful pharmaceutical drugs are derived from nature, but corporations and inadequate government regulations have resulted in an imbalance in nature, an imbalance that is seeing the loss of some plants and fungi. These plants and fungi could offer potential cures for illnesses. It is important to mention that not everything that comes from plants is beneficial, but humans can identify and test if certain chemicals could be beneficial for humans. The useful medicines already derived from nature suggest there are many more medicines yet to be discovered from plants.

Almost no aspect of human life or nature is unaffected by the intervention of large corporations and governments. Human life and places not yet touched by big corporations and governments are never completely off the table.

Researchers say findings in Mozambique demonstrate impact of human interference in nature. Ivory poaching has led to evolution of tuskless elephants, study finds

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On the other end of the health spectrum, there is another type of pill popping occurring whose mantra is, instead of taking those deadly pharmaceutical drugs, take these healthy supplements. First and foremost, do you truly require health supplements? Have you been tested to see whether you are deficient in any nutrients? or have you been misled by the $150 billion global value and glossy marketing? If health supplements are improving and individuals health, is it because of the psychological notion that the supplement is good for them (the placebo effect), or because of the supplement itself? Nowadays, being healthy can be an expensive business. How long must you take the supplements before they begin to improve your specific health condition? 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years? It all makes sense now as to why the industry has such a high valuation. There's nothing like a worldwide health catastrophe and the dread it instills to make you want to stock up on vitamins. By 2028, the worldwide valuation is estimated to exceed $300+ billion. Related Link: Global Dietary Supplements Market Size Rise at +8.9% CAGR by 2028, Value to Cross US$ 307 Billion - Says Facts & Factors. Notice that big pharma are in amongst the manufacturers. Related link: The multivitamin industry rakes in billions of dollars. But science says we're not getting healthier.

Mental Health Issues.

What happens when individuals have some form of mental illness? and do not want to be classified under some psychological term; don't want to be pointed to online help because the last thing you want to do is read about the very problems you're experiencing, don't want an appointment to ask a millions of questions when the last thing you want to do is think about what you are feeling, you don't want to be quizzed, do puzzles, or anything else.

Although therapists, psychologists, and counselors might give their clients advice, if these professions have 100s of clients on file, specialists will end up viewing them as just another person with problems.

In addition, how many of these professionals are only interested in the extremely sensitive and personal nature of the problems that people are facing? Do they just want an insight into people's traumatic experiences and intimate matters?

Essentially its a just another person you are trusting with your private matters, What is their motivation to resolve everyone's problems? If individuals are seeing a private consultant, that comes at a price to make you "feel better".

Some therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors can truly relate to their patients problems like a close relative or friend; this kind of listening ear is always beneficial, however the same applies when people talk to a member of the public and feel better after discussing their difficulties. Some people become therapists, psychologists, and counselors because they had difficulties themselves and genuinely decide to help others experiencing similar problems

While some therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors have researched and gained information about human behavior, it's possible that they haven't personally experienced the problems their clients have experienced. Some of them classify their clients under a phrase they learnt during all those years of studying human behavior, diagnosing ailments that have nothing to do with their clients' emotions or mental health. Once a "expert" has described characteristics of a specific ailment, then every other mental health condition a person has is likewise concentrated around this psychological categorization, this psychological compartmentalization of patients may become more detrimental. Deep dive: mental health & de-categorizing people

Many people already understand that support for mental health conditions will cross over to the AI realm. It may begin in some rudimentary way through large language models, essentially mimicking the current specialists, but in the future, it will provide sentient help. Either through a personal humanoid or some form of virtual reality

”There are no bad people, only badly loved people.” Arnaud Desjardins

A comforting quote until an individual has a bad experience through the involvement of others. The quote is very accurate if the systems were designed in such a way to nurture the sentiments of the quote, they're not. People that have read previous articles will know the systems are designed with very little thought into nurturing the human soul. For the sentiments of the quote to be put into practice, an absolute change in consciousness is needed.

Today's world

Today's world is angrier. It is angrier about the inadequacy of decisions and mismanagement of different problems that successive governments around the world have attempted to solve. Anger was expressed by our early ancestors over territory, resources, and ownership and today nothing has changed in that respect. Living inside the system is a form of control that political powers can increase or lessen. When people are financially stressed, it is more difficult to live a comfortable life, and obtaining resources becomes more difficult. As most people are affected by financial concerns, tensions are high.

Many people believe that their freedoms are being restricted more and more through increased government control. People are more angry than ever, all across the world. When the public is already being squeezed financially through no fault of their own, imposing additional charges just irritates them further. For example, additional air pollution charges. These types of pollution measures are ineffective; they only tackle the symptom rather than the cause, with an extra burden on the public. Related article: World a 'Sadder, Angrier' Place in 2020 Than Any Time Since Gallup 'Emotions Report' Began. What a revelation this is! since 2020 it has increased.



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