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The distance between nature and humanity is increasing, with most of humanity living in a separate existence to nature. We seem to have forgotten that we are a part of nature but have gradually become more and more distant from it. We have a one to one relationship with it. We are nature and nature is us..

Our deepest heartfelt feelings to anyone affected by any of the issues written about in this article.
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Health Systems

What's wrong with current health systems?

To clarify, we are not referring to health care workers. Most of them were heroes long before the pandemic recognized their commitment and effort. Good health care workers make a huge difference in a persons recovery.

The problems have existed for a long time.

Even if there is was no additional strain on the health system. Health systems in many countries have problems that result in poor service for patients. Health care staff doctors & nurses complaining about various issues like feeling exhausted, overworked, and underpaid. Obtaining qualified doctors and nurses is another issue that health care systems have. Patient complain their health is deteriorating while waiting to be treated. This link gives an account from one country with these issues, other countries are facing the same issues.: Overworked and underpaid nurses

Unfair allocation of money for certain health care workers has been a common theme for decades. There is a big divide in equal & fair pay. It's no secret that top doctors & surgeons are highly paid, it's a skills based world we live in and salaries are based on skills people possess. The issue is about equal and fair salaries.

Another class based system.

Health care in many countries is based on the class system. Wealthy people will receive the best health care. The best health care refers to being seen quicker for health conditions, the use of the best technology and medicine for hospitals, treated and operated on by the most experienced doctors in their field without the time pressure of a high number of patients. A link related to this: Money = Quality health care = Longer life.

Cure the symptom mentality and not the underlying cause.

Most GPs (Family Physicians) tend to prescribe medication quickly to get you out of surgery and move on to the next patient. Doctors don't perform a thorough treatment plan, such as reviewing your diet and creating an exercise program to improve your health. Most doctors only prescribe medication for the symptoms, rather than identifying the cause of the symptoms. Unless you have vast amounts of "money" to spend on a string of private doctors. The alternative is welfare medical services and in 2022 that is mainly treating only the symptoms and not the underlying cause.

There is no effective and uniform medical tracking from seeking medical help to patients receiving successful treatment.

This refers to the more serious health issues, but could apply to general non-severe issues too. After doctors provide treatment, the responsibility is back to the patient. There is no efficient follow-up or feedback mechanism in place that not only looks into your medical record, but also sees the patient's updates. This should be all computerized. Health systems currently work in individual silos of information. This is a related link: Health care silos

The doctor may ask "you" to make a follow-up appointment after a certain period of time. If you do not make a follow-up appointment, they assume nothing further is required. No one will contact you and ask if you are well or if you need further medical help.

With the technology we currently have, it should become a standard to create a safe patient and doctor feedback loop for updates, re-appointments, etc. This idea would save time for doctors, their clinics and the patients.

We are seeing non traditional businesses slowly entering the health care space, for example big tech companies, they're already in the technology space and technology is the solution. From a privacy standpoint, it's not necessarily the best thing when it comes to big tech engagements, but they usually see a gap in the market and offer a solution. A solution that makes use of Blockchain technology would be better.

The current model makes it difficult to always see a doctor due to the strain on the system, and instead, people take appointments to see less qualified health care professionals. If people are asking to see a doctor and end up seeing or talking to anyone other than the doctor they're not getting the service they deserve.

Health care systems around the world are broken, and the people who get the best treatment are those who have the most money, so again money is the determining factor in the quality of services people receive.

Wealthy countries should be grateful to have a functioning health system.

Even the badly functioning social health care system is better than what poorer countries receive, in some places there is no health care system. We all know that in some parts of the world people are struggling to get food and clean water, not to mention sufficient health care. This is a related link: Half the world lacks access to essential health services.

The wealthy big organizations that have control and power are calling the "shots".

Big pharmaceutical companies are not transparent in how they operate. If they were open about the way they work and the drugs they create, they won't get fined as often. Similar to Big Tech, Big Pharma is bad for consumers, an issue that creates unfairness when a company has the power to push its brand over smaller competitors. Quote source from Natlawreview: "Pfizer “agreed to pay $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice, to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products,” according to the DOJ."


It should not have taken a global health crisis to recognize health care workers as heroes. Their commitment and efforts should have been recognized a long time ago. Now that the narrative is changing will we see people clapping hands every week? banging pot and pans.? a total gimmick! Health care staff have been working just as hard for decades. We say if they have that much respect for health care staff they should doing all of that, for 365 days a year, every year.

Unfortunately in many countries, money is the deciding factor when receiving urgent and quality health care. Free social health care does provide a good level of service, but the service is constantly under pressure because of the volume of people needing medical help. Health care workers are also undervalued and underpaid.

All doctors & nurses have incredibly important roles in society, there is nothing more important than a persons health. In the monetary system we live in; the best way to respect health care staff for their commitment and efforts is to, just give them the pay they deserve.

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