EC2 Price Reduction – For EC2 Instance Saving Plans and Standard Reserved Instances

Introducing the latest AWS Heroes – May, 2020

New – SaaS Contract Upgrades and Renewals for AWS Marketplace

Capacity-Optimized Spot Instance Allocation in Action at Mobileye and Skyscanner

New – AWS Transfer for FTP and FTPS, in addition to existing SFTP

Announcing TorchServe, An Open Source Model Server for PyTorch

New – Announcing Amazon AppFlow

AWS ChatBot – ChatOps for Slack and Chime

Single Sign-On between Okta Universal Directory and AWS

New – Use CloudWatch Synthetics to Monitor Sites, API Endpoints, Web Workflows, and More

New – AWS Amplify Libraries for Android and iOS

Reinventing Enterprise Search – Amazon Kendra is Now Generally Available

New – Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) is Now Generally Available

General Availability of UltraWarm for Amazon Elasticsearch Service

MSP360 – Evolving Cloud Backup with AWS for Over a Decade

Now Open – AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region

Welcome to the Serverless-First Function Virtual Events

New – Enhanced Amazon Macie Now Available with Substantially Reduced Pricing

New – EC2 M6g Instances, powered by AWS Graviton2

New – Building a Continuous Integration Workflow with Step Functions and AWS CodeBuild

New – Serverless Streaming ETL with AWS Glue

Now Open – AWS Europe (Milan) Region

Join the FORMULA 1 DeepRacer ProAm Special Event

New – Amazon EventBridge Schema Registry is Now Generally Available

AWS Snowball Edge Update – Faster Hardware, OpsHub GUI, IAM, and AWS Systems Manager

New – Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) for VPC Endpoints

Adventures in Scaling in Changing Times

90%+ price reduction for AWS IoT Jobs, Globally Available

New – AWS Elemental Link – Deliver Live Video to the Cloud for Events & Streams

AWS Inter-Region Data Transfer (DTIR) Price Reduction

AWS Data Transfer Out (DTO) 40% Price Reduction in South America (São Paulo) Region

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