hpvmmodify — Rename a virtual machine or modify the attributes of a virtual machine.

hpvmcreate — Create a new Integrity VM virtual machine.

hpvmcollect — Collects crash dumps, logs, system status, and configuration for analysis.

p2vassist — Physical to virtual migration assistant.

hpvmdevmgmt — Manage the devices that are associated with the VM Host and the guests.

hpvmmgmt — Manage dynamic data within the Integrity VM guest environment.

hpvmremove — Remove an Integrity VM virtual machine.

hpvmstatus — Display status information about one or more virtual machines.

hpvminfo — Display information about the Integrity VM environment.

hpvmstop — Stop a virtual machine.

hpvmupgrade — Assist an Integrity VM upgrade.

hpvmstart — Start a virtual machine.

hpvm — HP Integrity Virtual Machines (Integrity VM)

hpvmdevtranslate — Translate Integrity VM guest devices into HP-UX 11i v3 agile devices.

hpvmpubapi — Integrity VM public application interface descriptions.

hpvmsar — Display statistics about running virtual machines.

hpvmhostrdev — Manages virtual machine access to devices used by the Integrity VM Host system.

hpvmnet — Create and control an Integrity Virtual Machines virtual network switch (vswitch).

hpvmconsole — Connect to the console of a virtual machine.

hpvmresources — Specifying virtual storage and virtual network devices.

hpvmclone — Create a new virtual machine that is a copy of an existing virtual machine.

hpvmmigrate — Migrate a virtual machine to a different VM host.

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