terraform init --help

  • Check for updates to the options: https://www.terraform.io/docs/commands/index.html

    Usage: terraform init [options] [DIR]
      Initialize a new or existing Terraform working directory by creating
      initial files, loading any remote state, downloading modules, etc.
      This is the first command that should be run for any new or existing
      Terraform configuration per machine. This sets up all the local data
      necessary to run Terraform that is typically not committed to version
      This command is always safe to run multiple times. Though subsequent runs
      may give errors, this command will never delete your configuration or
      state. Even so, if you have important information, please back it up prior
      to running this command, just in case.
      If no arguments are given, the configuration in this working directory
      is initialized.
      -backend=true        Configure the backend for this configuration.
      -backend-config=path This can be either a path to an HCL file with key/value
                           assignments (same format as terraform.tfvars) or a
                           'key=value' format. This is merged with what is in the
                           configuration file. This can be specified multiple
                           times. The backend type must be in the configuration
      -force-copy          Suppress prompts about copying state data. This is
                           equivalent to providing a "yes" to all confirmation
      -from-module=SOURCE  Copy the contents of the given module into the target
                           directory before initialization.
      -get=true            Download any modules for this configuration.
      -get-plugins=true    Download any missing plugins for this configuration.
      -input=true          Ask for input if necessary. If false, will error if
                           input was required.
      -lock=true           Lock the state file when locking is supported.
      -lock-timeout=0s     Duration to retry a state lock.
      -no-color            If specified, output won't contain any color.
      -plugin-dir          Directory containing plugin binaries. This overrides all
                           default search paths for plugins, and prevents the
                           automatic installation of plugins. This flag can be used
                           multiple times.
      -reconfigure         Reconfigure the backend, ignoring any saved
      -upgrade=false       If installing modules (-get) or plugins (-get-plugins),
                           ignore previously-downloaded objects and install the
                           latest version allowed within configured constraints.
      -verify-plugins=true Verify the authenticity and integrity of automatically
                           downloaded plugins.
    terraform output --help
    Usage: terraform output [options] [NAME]
      Reads an output variable from a Terraform state file and prints
      the value. With no additional arguments, output will display all
      the outputs for the root module.  If NAME is not specified, all
      outputs are printed.
      -state=path      Path to the state file to read. Defaults to
      -no-color        If specified, output won't contain any color.
      -module=name     If specified, returns the outputs for a
                       specific module
      -json            If specified, machine readable output will be
                       printed in JSON format

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