How do I create the redhat man page database?

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    mandb(8) - create or update the manual page index caches

    -c, --create
    	      By default, mandb will try  to  update  any  previously  created
    	      databases.   If  a  database  does not exist, it will create it.
    	      This option forces mandb to delete previous  databases  and  re-
    	      create  them  from scratch, and implies --no-purge.  This may be
    	      necessary if a database becomes corrupt or  if  a	 new  database
    	      storage scheme is introduced in the future.

    Create the man page database.

    $ sudo mandb -c
    Processing manual pages under /usr/share/man...
    Updating index cache for path `/usr/share/man/man1'. Wait...
    Updating index cache for path `/usr/share/man/mann'. Wait...done.
    Checking for stray cats under /usr/share/man...

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