How do i display very verbose information for my pci devices?

  • Man page for lspci.

    The lspic options:

           -vv    Be very verbose and display more details. This level includes everything deemed
           -xxx   Show  hexadecimal  dump  of  the whole PCI configuration space. It is available
                  only to root as several PCI devices crash when you try to read  some  parts  of
                  the  config space (this behavior probably doesn't violate the PCI standard, but
                  it's at least very stupid). However, such devices  are  rare,  so  you  needn't
                  worry much.
    $ lspci -vvxxx

    The other combination is:

           -vvv   Be  even  more  verbose and display everything we are able to parse, even if it
                  doesn't look interesting at all (e.g., undefined memory regions).
           -xxxx  Show  hexadecimal  dump  of  the  extended  (4096-byte) PCI configuration space
                  available on PCI-X 2.0 and PCI Express buses.

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