World SOS Response

If you made it to this page, it means you are most likely reading it because you were intrigued to find out more.


The fact that you are able to read this at all means that, in most situations, your life is better than many others around the world who are suffering hardship and experiencing pain.


For the generations currently living, The World has never felt so fragile, the level of suffering is within the context of the environment you live in, where in the world you live and what means you have to live a comfortable life.


The causes of suffering vary greatly, and the severity varies greatly. In war-torn areas of the world, people are praying to survive another day, scrambling for food, and seeking safety and refuge. There are currently numerous ongoing wars. The places experiencing devastation through natural disasters the consequences are not too dissimilar to war-afflicted areas, the difference being that war is created by humanity.


Financial inequality and class systems again created by humanity. This has increased poverty, increased homelessness, and made more people rely on food banks or food handouts. Will I have enough to eat, will I have a warm place to sleep, and will I be able to look after my loved ones? Their suffering is in the context of these things.


There is suffering at an individual level: mental health issues, fear, loneliness, the loss of a loved one, and a vast spectrum of illnesses that cause physical and mental pain. We know many of these things arise through the natural, yet unfortunate, path of life, but they can also arise through the involvement of others.


When help is not coming from anywhere and you are not being heard. This message is for anyone suffering hardship of any kind.


We are all human beings with one consciousness; no matter what background, religion, culture, or color of skin you have, your thoughts and needs are not dissimilar to those of someone living on the other side of the world. All of the world's people have similar aspirations for a good life.


I see your hardship and suffering, and I give you these simple but very powerful words. Wherever your path leads you. No matter how hard the world has been on you, In unbearable pain and suffering, it's not easy to see any goodness at all. This is understandable. I hope this message shows there is goodness in the world. From my heart to yours.


I wish you love when it can't be found.

I wish you peace when it can't be found.

I wish you compassion when it can't be found.


May this message bring you some comfort in knowing it comes from another human soul. We are all one consciousness, even without knowing or seeing one another. Although written on a computer screen, This is from someone who cares; you are not forgotten; this is real.


Keep this message in mind. May it be with you always.


Share this with anyone you think might need to hear this message. Many of the people this is intended for will not have a computer or phone and, in many cases, may not even have any possessions in the world, very little to eat, and little or no shelter. For these people, they need to hear this message, but their immediate need is to be rid of their suffering.


Where the suffering is caused by humanity, we wish the world's leaders would find solutions. Even though they create new problems by trying to solve the original problem. When it comes down to it, we now know they can make things happen with the involvement of other organizations. If they put the same kind of urgency, intelligence, and compassion into trying to solve a global health issue, they can very easily apply the same principles to solving other issues created by humanity.


There are no benefits to this website in giving this message, and we are not seeking any benefits; what is said is what is meant; this is the only intention.

Share As You Wish.


December 2020

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