How do i create an azure virtual machine?

  • Microsoft documentation for az vm:

    Also see: az vm --help Manage Linux or Windows virtual machines.

    $ az vm create --resource-group Training --name Training1 --image UbuntuLTS --generate-ssh-keys --output table --verbose
    SSH key files '/home/training/.ssh/id_rsa' and '/home/training/.ssh/' have been generated under ~/.ssh to allow SSH access to the VM. If using machines without permanent storage, back up your keys to a safe location.
    Succeeded: Training1PublicIP (Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses)
    Succeeded: Training1NSG (Microsoft.Network/networkSecurityGroups)
    Succeeded: Training1VNET (Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks)
    ResourceGroup    PowerState    PublicIpAddress    Fqdns    PrivateIpAddress    MacAddress         Location    Zones
    ---------------  ------------  -----------------  -------  ------------------  -----------------  ----------  -------
    Training         VM running                 00-0D-XX-XX-XX-XX  westeurope
    command ran in 96.761 seconds.

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