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Carl Edward Sagan (Nov 1934 - Dec 1996) - Pale Blue Dot. 1994

A Small Section Of Space

An extremely small section of space

A Small Section Of Space

That dot, is this! Look at it for moment and think of the pure beauty of it. 4.5 billion years in the making.

The magnificent audio message by Dr. Carl Edward Sagan should make people stop and reflect about life, humanity, and how we treat one another. The message is not merely something to hear once and then forget about. It is for changing how one human interacts with another in the face of persistent mainstream media and government influence and indoctrination agendas. Put in another way, to often repeat an idea or belief to the public until they accept it without criticism or question.


A Brief Earth Timeline...
Stay with it, Other than beautiful audio message by Dr Carl Edward Sagan, the purpose of this article will be revealed. The timeline is intended to highlight how long the current human "race" has been on the planet.


A Brief Earth Timeline
Everything above was shown to demonstrate the fragility of humankind; the current human race has only been on the planet for a blip, and we have totally missed the point. What have we learned since our early animal minds? The mind has progressed, but there's still a great deal of animal in us. Consider one of the most shameful facets of humankind:

It goes much, much deeper than Racism, including cases of police brutality in many parts of the world, is an extreme example of where racism has played a part and is a big part of what needs to change. Just to be clear, there are thousands of incidents of racism that happen around the world that are not caught on a camera, but read on.


He knows it - Peter Gabriel - From song, Biko (1979):

You can blow out a candle
But you can't blow out a fire
Once the flames begin to catch
The wind will blow it higher

Let's break it down.
  • Why does this keep happening?


  • So many lives taken unnecessarily...
  • So many years of protesting...
  • So many prominent people giving speeches about it...
  • So many years of violence...
  • So much destruction...
  • So many failed government policies to try and change things...
  • Even with policies, is the problem addressed? or just been suppressed...
  • What has all the above changed?


It is important to mention and not forget, that many civil rights leaders from around the world and people have stood up for a better, more equal, and more just world. We should mention that in many cases it was in hope for basic human rights, i.e., to live as a free human being in the world; even in the face of immense adversity, with all the odds against them, they have made a huge difference along the way, but the struggle continues...


Let's look into it.
  • What is the definition of racism? Belief in the superiority of a particular race; hostility to or discrimination against the other races.
Effectively, racism is one form of hatred


  • What is the definition of race? Defined as each of the subdivisions of humankind.

Racism is one form of hatred, one race against another race, and race being a subdivision of humankind.


The subdivision part is actually, sub-subdivision and several more levels of granularity under that.


This is where it goes much deeper. What we are really talking about is hatred in one form or another, at many levels of humankind. Let's look into types of hatred and areas where hatred can happen:


Hatred List (Hatred can stem from one or a combination of these)


  • Inside the home. (between family members, who is right & who is wrong)
  • The moment you walk out of your front door. (Fear, Guard goes up immediately)
  • Your neighbor.
  • In your street.
  • In your neighborhood.
  • In your office/workplace.
  • In your district.
  • Divisions between the north and south of a city.
  • Divisions between the east and west of a city.
  • Divisions between your city and another city.
  • The caste system - One caste against another caste.
  • That person stared at me a fraction too long, so I'll make it known, I didn't like it.
  • Second guessing what someone is thinking and hating them purely on that basis, without really knowing.
  • Their type are fine in the cities but goodness forbid they come into our lush green rural villages and towns.
  • The moment you walk into any public place, you're judged.
  • What a person looks like & how they dress.
  • What a persons sexual orientation is, and hating if it does not conform with yours.
  • A misinterpreted gesture, without even speaking and the other person hating you because they read it as being offensive.
  • Bitter rivalry in sports from spectators and players - Bring back proper fairness, ethics and respect in sports across the board.
  • Greed - I want more.
  • Jealousy - They're getting more than us, now I hate that "entire" group of people.
  • Power - We need to dominate over everything.
  • The skin color of a person against the skin color of another person.
  • The misunderstandings in cultural differences.
  • They're not integrating into our culture.
  • They've totally integrated into our culture, but we don't want to integrate.
  • The different shades of a persons skin color.
  • One country against another country.
  • One religion against another religion.
  • One race against another race
  • And so on...


It's a hard read - Our deepest heartfelt feelings to anyone affected by any of the issues talked about in this article.


We live in the 21st Century, and people have struggles in their lives for various reasons, mostly money-related. They listen to media news, reality shows, various TV soaps and dramas, the so-called escape from the stresses of the day, and so many images created to influence you mostly in a bad way and create a false thought process. People in the twenty-first century appear to despise others more than they like them, and this appears to be the default way of thinking for many. People have less tolerance and patience, and everything moves at a breakneck pace. Any interaction with another person is robotic, and what someone perceives to be a negative reaction from another person is all it takes to receive that hateful stare, rude gesture, or bad word without even knowing if the intent was meant to be negative.


We are living in a world where we always go about our day with our guard up almost all the time. Over the years, we have developed an increasing mistrust of almost everyone and everything, to a large degree influenced by what we hear on the media. We all need to be careful, of course, but we can all transform our minds to be more patient, understanding, and compassionate toward others and make this the default way of thinking when interacting with others.


All the things in the list above incite hatred. It's all hatred in one form or another, at varying degrees, under various words to describe it. There has been violence and killings against a number of the above, if not all.


Add to this digital tracking and around-the-clock cameras watching and listening to your every move and command, and it's not surprising that no one feels free. But more is coming in the near future. In addition to this 1000s of 5G base stations that relay data, voice, and video from your shiny new 5G phone and other devices to overhead drones, and it won't be the people doing the micro-policing anymore. It will be drones attached with every sensor available that see you drop a piece of paper, recycle incorrectly, or break driving regulations and send you a fine immediately.


Police drones Watching what you do during a pandemic is just the beginning. Of course, like any invasive technology, it will be introduced under the façade of being for your benefit—"it's for your safety". This is not a humorous matter about movies and science fiction. Why is it mentioned as part of hatred? because for the majority of people, there will be an intense dislike of it. Intense dislike is one of the definitions of hatred.


Charlie Chaplin's truly amazing speech from the film The Great Dictator. (Replace the word soldiers with people and when he says men, he also means women)



Charles Spencer Chaplin (Apr 1889 - Dec 1977) - Speech From Film - The Great Dictator. 1940.

The only devils in this world are those running around in our own hearts, and that is where all our battles should be fought - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948)

To note some extreme and shameful periods of humanity and pure hatred against a race are:


Just as World War I and World War II are appropriately remembered each year for the innocent people who died, for those who had to fight, and for triumph, not for the demolition of entire towns and the innocent people who were victims of it all because of the hunger for power. This desire for power can still be found in the shape of governments.


Similarly, the treatment of human beings during slavery and slave history should serve as a constant reminder of the despicable power and control of one race over another; however, why did this happen in the first place? What sows the seed in an individual, a group of people, or a country? To put it another way, I must govern, dominate, or exert influence over another person, group of people, or country. It is a combination of the items in the hatred list above.


To be human, is to be humane. Definition of humane: marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals.


The shocking, brutal, heart wrenching reality when one race thinks they are far superior than another. ASHAMED TO BE PART OF THE HUMAN RACE.


It was far worse than depicted below. Further reading: The link is for United States but Great Britain and Western European countries African slaves were treated in a similar way. African slaves were not seen as human, they were a commodity to be bought and sold.

Slave with scourged back.

An escaped enslaved man named Gordon Peter(given name) showing his scarred back at a medical examination in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1863. 1000's endured this kind of inhumane brutality.

Picture of slave with whip scars

Slave mother and daughter being auctioned.

The slave auction was the epitome of slavery's dehumanization. Enslaved people were sold to the person who bid the most money and family members were often split up.

Slave mother and daughter being auctioned.

A slave branded on forehead and wearing a punishment collar.

Slaves known for running away might have had to wear an iron collar like this, for punishment or to prevent them from running away again. The hooks caught on bushes or tree limbs, causing a violent jerking to the individual's head and neck. Source:

A slave branded on forehead and wearing a punishment collar.

Slave iron masks

An iron mask and collar used by slaveholders to keep field workers from running away and to prevent them from eating crops such as sugarcane. The mask made breathing difficult and, if left on too long, would tear away at the person's skin when removed. Source:

The mask hooks were also designed to prevent the slaves from sleeping or resting when working in the fields. The hooks prevented them from laying their heads down.

Picture of slave with whip cuts

Jewish prisoners arriving at a prison camp.

Gathered and sorted by category.

Jewish prisoners arriving at a prison camp.

Jewish women prisoners.

Sleeping in confined spaces. Women in the barracks at Auschwitz after liberation.

Jewish women prisoners.

Incinerator Ovens

To incinerate the killed Jewish prisoners.

Incinerator Ovens

Jewish were not seen as human beings, children or not it didn't matter.

Starving children on the pavement in the ghetto, Warsaw, Poland.

Starving children on the pavement in the ghetto, Warsaw, Poland.

Jewish child left starving.

A starving child lying on the street of the Warsaw ghetto, as photographed by a sergeant in the German armed forces. The other Jewish prisoners could not help because of fear of being killed themselves. Even if they could help they had little or nothing to give.

Jewish child left starving.


What must have been going through their minds?


The African Slave, The Jewish Prisoners—Every single day! suffering in every way a human can suffer. Every day, knowing more suffering was coming the following day! Did they plead with God and pray to help save them every day? Help came from nowhere, looking up into the skies or elsewhere. At least not in time for the millions that were killed or suffered near death.


What should we be teaching in education?


Maybe it should begin with Human Education. To be taught from the early years right to the end of a person's education and then followed through into all walks of life thereafter. This is not a replacement for History education, but including certain parts of dark history into Human Education. The idea of Human Education is to teach compassion as a person progresses through the education system.


People Movement.
This is just to highlight the who belongs where debate. If we want to move on from that, we must remember the text below. Maybe then the who belongs where debate and why people ended up where they currently are will seem less significant. Information, which you will find in most history books.


It is relevant to explain that either through slavery, cheap (indentured) labour, or tyranny, many people ended up in countries they were not originally from. Prior to this, they were happy to be in the countries they originated from, or at least happy to be living under their own set of rules.


It was also through colonialism and tyranny that people ended up in countries they were not originally from. Prior to colonialism, The Aboriginal people were among the first human beings in Australia; The Maori people were the first in New Zealand; and various Native Tribes were the first all across Canada, North America, South America, and other parts of the world.


There should be freedom of movement for all people; there should be no borders or national barriers. Remember, on early Earth, there was no water separating continents; it was just one land mass. What if the land mass never separated? Think about that for a while. It's thought provoking if nothing else; however, back to today: If there was equality for all, no classes, no wars, and an equal government system around the world, I very much doubt there would be a lot of migration. The movement would be to experience the richness and diversity that humankind brings from around the world. The real answer to these human problems is under the heading "The Answer".


Some side thoughts...
An alternative to world governments is needed; the current way is not working. The Media itself is right to report the news, but the very fact of reporting it adds more fuel to the fire; in such a way, it sometimes provokes more hatred between opposing groups of people, which can lead to retaliation. The fake news articles make things even worse.


People should not judge and mentally categorize anyone from the moment they set eyes on any person; do not judge people on their looks, the color of their skin, their clothes, where they live, or anything else.


People should take their heads out of computers, phones, TV, and any form of around-the-clock entertainment. Do not reenact things you see on your favorite TV shows or emulate characters in any way, then take it into the office or other gatherings, or take media news and try to enforce your options on others. There are some wonderful and meaningful heart-warming messages on every form of digital media, but people should not be brainwashed or dumbed down by everything they see or hear on social media and other media. You have your own life to live, so have your own mind and live life in the real world. Remember one important thing: The Big Tech companies are in it for themselves, not you!


People should not feel self-righteous when they see other people not following policies made up by the governing bodies, as long as they are not a danger to others. Get on with your own life, but do not be hateful towards them. It is not your job to make them follow policies made by governing bodies.


The policies that are made by the government and the content that is reported by the media get filtered down into all areas of our public lives. When it reaches the public, it becomes a topic of debate, and depending on what the topic is, it can incite arguments between people, because one person thinks they made the right policy and the other person thinks they did not.


Breaking it down; a small group of people from the governing body make up policies, and they ask the public to follow them; an opposing governing body does not agree with the policies and has debates; the mini-hatred battles are filtered down to the public; who is winning? Why are the public having these mini-hatred battles between themselves when someone else made up the policies to follow?


People should not act like micro-police for governing bodies just because people do the slightest thing wrong, maybe someone put their recycling in the wrong container, or dropped a piece of paper by accident and did not pick it up, or they made a slightly wrong maneuver in the car; whatever they did, as long as it was not dangerous to anyone, people should not feel conceited and think they are better than others because they are following the rules. Live your own life; sometimes all it takes is one small negative encounter to incite some kind of hatred. Instead, where possible, help others and offer selfless compassion and selfless love instead.


  • No! We do not need cut-throat politics and business practices; they're not working.
  • We need complete and total unity between all countries, not some countries siding together and others not.
  • We need businesses and organizations that put people before money, without any hidden agendas.
  • Big Tech's commitment should be to each individual that uses their platforms and not to the government agencies.
  • We need a banking system that is fair to the people that use it without hidden (libor, PPI, etc.) agendas.
  • We need the complete and total unity of all races and people.
  • It is absolutely possible to reverse the thought process; we need a radical revolution of the mind.


Closing thoughts...
And so we come to a close; we finish in a similar way to how we began, with our planet, The Earth. As the astronauts of The Apollo 8 mission flew closer and closer to the Moon, they turned around to look back at our planet. They were the first human beings to experience an earthrise—seeing The Earth from the orbit of the moon (lunar orbit). All astronauts who have experienced the incredible journey into space have described their experience as life changing. They wish everyone could experience it the way they did, so they could see for themselves that we are all one consciousness.


As we got further and further away, it [the Earth] diminished in size. Finally it shrank to the size of a marble, the most beautiful you can imagine. That beautiful, warm, living object looked so fragile, so delicate, that if you touched it with a finger it would crumble and fall apart. Seeing this has to change a man. Apollo 15 - James Benson Irwin (March 1930 - August 1991)

Apologies for the language in this next quote, In this context, I left the wording in this quote as per the original, just to emphasize the astronaut's frustration about the state of The Earth.


You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, ‘Look at that, you son of a bitch. Apollo 13 - Edgar Dean Mitchell (September 1930 - February 2016)

In the future, I would like to be more of an advocate for animal conservation. Every single part of the Earth reacts with every other part. It’s one thing. Every little animal is important in that ecosystem. [Seeing the planet from above] makes you realize that, and makes you want to be a little more proactive in keeping it that way. If I could get every Earthling to do one circle of the Earth, I think things would run a little differently. STS-124, Soyuz TMA-09M (Expedition 36/37) - Karen LuJean Nyberg

There are many truly compassionate and loving people all around us; when you meet someone like this, you then know what it means and feels like to be a human being living on Earth.


The Answer
The problem of hatred has been solved centuries ago; many prominent people have spoken tirelessly about it with vigor. We don't need to search for answers on how to fix it. The difficult part is for people to see for themselves the change in consciousness that has to happen and for that change to happen within every person; in every facet of society, from the top-down, i.e., "people" that make policies around government, banking systems, big tech companies, The 1%, people of all religions, all castes (there shouldn't be any caste systems), people in all businesses and organizations, people that live in cities, people that live in rural areas, people of all classes (unfortunately we have this), people of all different colour skin, people of all races, and every single person. A change within you, the self.


The Answer: It's Selfless compassion & Selfless love


Having read this article, the message has to be with you all the time. Do it and live it! Click the following two headings below to take you to the web pages. The answers are here!


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