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The distance between nature and humanity is increasing, with most of humanity living in a separate existence to nature. We seem to have forgotten that we are a part of nature but have gradually become more and more distant from it. We have a one to one relationship with it. We are nature and nature is us..

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Education Systems

What's wrong with current education systems?

Maybe it's time for a rethink?

Education systems are historically based on the class system, the most wealthy people would receive the best education. The education system has been slowly modified since the 19th century model, but the framework of old teaching styles and strict disciplines still exist. In some countries, there is still no gender parity in education and there are parts of the world where people do not receive any education. A related link: For sale a 19th century education system.

The wrong approach.

Education systems around the world are adopting an outdated approach to learning, they go by the ideology of pushing people to be more knowledgeable and more competitive: the more knowledge you have, the more you will "succeed in life," the more knowledge you have, the better job you will get, and the better job you have, the more money you will make. People do not always fulfill their chosen career path using this approach and the majority of people end up in jobs they do not like.

Forced education.

It is natural for parents to want their children to succeed in life, but pressure from parents and teachers on students to consistently perform well has its downsides too. Students end up with a fear of failure, self-doubts and when students do not receive good exam results, parents and teachers become disappointed and put even more pressure on students. When students are pushed into learning subjects they have no interest in pursuing things usually end in a bad situation for all involved.

If students are not interested in a subject, regardless if they chose to study it, a number of problems can arise from this, the extra pressure and stress it puts on students. Parents feel disappointed when exam results are bad and teachers spend more time trying to get students to focus on the subject rather than teaching it. Teachers having to justify low student pass rates to their superiors. It is a lose-lose situation. A related link: Mental health & academic pressure



Compete your entire life.

The latter part of a persons education is a drive to get more knowledge. The ideology that more knowledge means success. This may be true, but only because we live in a world full of completive systems and there is no alternative. Competitive systems do no equate to being the right way. Education systems around the world are outdated in this approach.


The method of learning should be through self-discovery, a persons natural affinity for certain things should be discovered and nurtured, if a students interests changes over time the same principles should apply. This approach will allow creativity to flow. The competition based system people are placed in, to ultimately find a job and compete for the most amount of money is not the right way.

Holistic learning.

There are some education institutions that have a holistic way of teaching. They let the mind learn naturally using the freedom of creativity. These types of education methods are not common place, but they should be the only education methods.

Human Education.

Teaching human education would be a good idea throughout a persons entire life, this could be be taught from childhood and all the way through a persons career and into retirement. The content taught relative to the age group, Human Education is learning about different cultures, respecting different cultures, learning that we are different but the same and learning about how we are a part of nature. The purpose of Human Education is to create a single global human consciousness by learning about ourselves. A related link: Holistic Education

Education in the Metaverse.

The push for online learning is only set to increase. The addition of upcoming new technologies should take advantage of how to teach as well as adapting the learning experience to the individual and not just replicate the existing learning methods into a online digital world. Brands that offer the most immersive learning experience will succeed. Imagine an entire class of students taking a 3D virtual reality journey into space to learn about astronomy or learning about history by discovering historical monuments with the aid of 3D virtual reality & augmented reality.

Side Note: Metaverse applications are going to be endless. It will only be a revolutionary technology when people cannot distinguish real life from the virtual. New technologies are exciting but can also have certain health implications and we hope this technology will not replace real things for example certain animals, trees and plants due to their extinction in the wild.

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The emotions you feel when looking at these pictures, this is what a mind without human created systems feels like. As nature intended.

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