GitHub sponsors the Jenkins project

  • The Jenkins project has used GitHub since 2007. GitHub has been our source code hosting and management platform for almost as long as Jenkins has existed. Jenkins core and all its plugins live on GitHub.

    GitHub sponsors Jenkins

    We are pleased to announce that GitHub sponsors the jenkinsci GitHub organization with enterprise features, such as autolink references.

    If you are a Jenkins plugin maintainer, you can now use autolink references to link to Jenkins Jira issues. All you need to do is heading to the "Settings" tab of your GitHub repository and add the following configuration to the "Autolink references" section:

    Reference prefix: JENKINS-
    Target URL:<num>

    We’re deeply grateful to GitHub for their support of open source software and especially for their support of the Jenkins project.

    The Jenkins project by numbers

    The jenkinsci GitHub organization hosts over 2,600 repositories. These repositories are the home of:

    • 1,000,000+ Lines of Code

    • 130,000+ Pull requests

    • 20,000+ Issues

    • 2,500+ organization members

    and countless contributors.

    We truly thank GitHub for their sponsorship of the Jenkins project.

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