insights-client(8) - Red Hat Insights Client tool

  • insights-client(8)                                          insights-client(8)
           insights-client - Red Hat Insights Client tool
           insights-client [options]
           insights-client  is  designed  to  help  customers  proactively resolve
           issues affecting business operations in Red Hat  Enterprise  Linux  and
           Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure environments. View alerts or learn more at
   Due to the dynamic nature of  this
           application,  some  options may become available that are not described
           in the manual.  Please refer to the output of --help for the  most  up-
           to-date options.
           -h, --help
                  Show this help message and exit.
                  Register host to the Red Hat Insights service.
                  Unregister host from the Red Hat Insights service.
                  Display  name to use for this host. May be used during registra‐
                  Group to add this host to during registration.
                  Number of times to retry uploading. 180 seconds between tries.
                  Validate remove.conf.
                  Only display error messages to stdout.
                  Display no messages to stdout.
                  Enable automatic scheduling.
                  Disable automatic scheduling.
           -c CONF, --conf=CONF
                  Pass a custom config file.
                  Print archive to stdout; sets --silent and --no-upload.
                  Specifies the compression algorithm to use. Choices are gz, bz2,
                  xz, and none. Defaults to gz.
                  Collect  locally  only,  do  not  connect to Insights and do not
                  Specify a logfile other than the default.
                  Display version.
                  Test connectivity to Red Hat.
                  Forcefully reregister this host to Red Hat. Will create a new ID
                  for this host and create a new entry. Use only as directed.
                  DEBUG output to stdout
                  Do not upload the archive.
                  Do not delete archive after upload.
                  Create a support logfile for Red Hat Insights.
                  Check this host's registration status with Red Hat Insights.
                  Log network activity.
           A message will be displayed on login about insights-client if installed
           but has not yet been used at least once. To change or remove this  mes‐
           sage, edit the /etc/insights-client/insights-client.motd file.
    Red Hat Insights                                            insights-client(8)

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