How do I register a redhat server as an insights client?

  • What is redhat insights? This is the main part from Red Hats description.

    It helps identify, prioritize, and resolve risks to security, compliance, performance, availability, and stability before they become urgent issues. Insights also enables users to monitor for adherence to internal policies and understand configuration changes over time.

    Red Hat link:

    A configuration file, /etc/insights-client/remove.conf, controls how data is redacted. The Insights client
    performs redaction on the archive file based on the information in remove.conf. Most redaction activity
    occurs before the archive file is generated and sent to the Red Hat Insights service.

    Also see:
    insights-client(8) - Red Hat Insights Client tool
    insights-client.conf(8) - Red Hat Insights client configuration

    Redhat 8 the package is pre-installed.

    $ sudo insights-client --register
    [sudo] password for training:
    You successfully registered  xxxxx to account xxxxx.
    Successfully registered host saturn
    Automatic scheduling for Insights has been enabled.
    Starting to collect Insights data for saturn
    Uploading Insights data.
    Successfully uploaded report from saturn to account xxxxx.
    View the Red Hat Insights console at

    The unregister option is --unregister

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