Kibana Plugin API Changes in 7.0

  • 7.0 has a lot of new functionality and a few changes to the Kibana Plugin APIs. ## Kibana management index pattern URL changes Kibana management URLs pertaining to index patterns have been changed to accurately reflect their content, from `management/kibana/index` or `management/kibana/indices` to `managemen/kibana/index_pattern` or `management/kibana/index_patterns`. *Impact:* References to these URLs will need to be updated. *via [#30779](* ## Removed `legacy` response handler In this release we removed the already deprecated `legacy` response handler for visualizations. See [Kibana Plugin API changes in 6.5]( for more information. *via [#28985](* ## Removed `legacyIcon` from visualizations The already deprecated `legacyIcon` was removed and you have to use `image` or `icon` on a visualization to specify it's icon. See also [Kibana Plugin API changes in 6.5]( *via [#28981](*

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