The Hallway Track Is Open For Scheduling

  • The Hallway Track at DockerCon is an innovative space designed to help facilitate those valuable conversations that come from chance hallway encounters. Instead of leaving it to chance, we’ve partnered with e180 to provide a platform that helps you find like-minded people to meet and learn from, discussing topics you are both interested in.  The Hallway Track is open Monday through Thursday, and it’s best to schedule your meetings in advance. Register for DockerCon and then follow these steps to log in and start scheduling your Hallway Tracks today: Explore the Market – where all participants post knowledge offers of topics they are willing to share, or questions they want to brainstorm. Pick a topic from the list and/or create your own offers or questions. You don’t have to be an expert to post! Schedule your Hallway Tracks and meet in person at the Hallway Continue reading...

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