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    PERL is the acronym for Practical Extraction and Reporting Language. It was developed by Larry Wall in 1987. It is a free open source language that supports object-oriented language like C++. PERL is a high-level, dynamic programming language licensed under the General Public License (GNU) and is quite simple to learn as its syntax is similar to C.

    The first version of PERL was 1.0 which was developed in December 1987 when Larry Wall was working as a developer in Unisys. Gradually, PERL 2 was developed in 1988 as a better version of the previous one, and PERL 3 was developed in 1989 which showed added support for binary data streams. PERL is a sensitive programming language and works with several other markup languages. The nature of PERL is procedural and supports object-oriented programming.
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    The market has a huge potential in the field of PERL programming. More and more avenues are being opened as a PERL programmer and if you want to excel in your career as a PERL programmer, then cracking the PERL interview is a must. We’ve listed important PERL interview questions that will make you ready for your next interview. Prepare for them and be ready to ace your interview.
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