containerd Graduates Within the CNCF

  • We are happy to announce that as of today, containerd, an industry-standard runtime for building container solutions, graduates within the CNCF. The successful graduation demonstrates containerd has achieved the maturity, stability and community acceptance required for broad ecosystem adoption. containerd has already been deployed in tens of millions of production systems today, making it the most widely adopted runtime and an essential upstream component of the Docker platform. containerd was donated to the CNCF as a top-level project because of its strong alignment with Kubernetes, gRPC and Prometheus and is the fifth project to make it to this tier. Built to address the needs of modern container platforms like Docker Enterprise and orchestration systems like Kubernetes, containerd ensures users have a consistent dev to ops experience. From Docker’s initial announcement that it was spinning out its core runtime to its donation to the CNCF in March Continue reading...

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