How do i display the top used kernel slab cache entries?

  • Man page for slabtop.

    Also see:
    Each cache maintains blocks of contiguous pages in memory called slabs


    $ sudo slabtop

    You can sort the real time information by using these options while in the command.

           The sort criteria can also be  changed  while  slabtop  is  running  by
           pressing the associated character.
           character   description                header
           a           number of active objects   ACTIVE
           b           objects per slab           OBJ/SLAB
           c           cache size                 CACHE SIZE
           l           number of slabs            SLABS
           v           number of active slabs     N/A
           n           name                       NAME
           o           number of objects          OBJS
           p           pages per slab             N/A
           s           object size                OBJ SIZE
           u           cache utilization          USE

    or start up the command with the sort option.

    c shows the highest cache use.

    $ sudo slabtop -s c

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