How do i display the all systemd manager properties?

  • Man page for systemctl.

          show [PATTERN...|JOB...]
               Show properties of one or more units, jobs, or the manager itself.
               If no argument is specified, properties of the manager will be
               shown. If a unit name is specified, properties of the unit is
               shown, and if a job id is specified, properties of the job is
               shown. By default, empty properties are suppressed. Use --all to
               show those too. To select specific properties to show, use
               --property=. This command is intended to be used whenever
               computer-parsable output is required. Use status if you are looking
               for formatted human-readable output.

    By default, without any arguments, all systemd manager properties are shown.

    $ systemctl show

    To be more specific, use the -p option:

           -p, --property=
               When showing unit/job/manager properties with the show command,
               limit display to properties specified in the argument. The argument
               should be a comma-separated list of property names, such as
               "MainPID". Unless specified, all known properties are shown. If
               specified more than once, all properties with the specified names
               are shown. Shell completion is implemented for property names.
               For the manager itself, systemctl show will show all available
               properties. Those properties are documented in systemd-
               Properties for units vary by unit type, so showing any unit (even a
               non-existent one) is a way to list properties pertaining to this
               type. Similarly showing any job will list properties pertaining to
               all jobs. Properties for units are documented in systemd.unit(5),
               and the pages for individual unit types systemd.service(5),
               systemd.socket(5), etc.
    $ systemctl show -p LogLevel

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