How do i use systemd journalctl to display logs related to reboots?

  • Man page for journalctl.

    List the journal logs related to system reboots.

    $ journalctl --list-boot
    -1 172e5a3b55ba44f1bd8ca78651e19961 Thu 2019-01-31 19:40:25 GMT Sat 2
     0 b05f4354c06e4e0385b52ae521b3835a Sat 2019-02-02 21:46:59 GMT  Sat 2

    Then use the first column the offset to display the log entries for that boot ID. Here displaying the reboot before the last reboot, if there were more reboots, the offset would be -2, -3, etc.

    $ journalctl -b -1

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