How do i display all boot related messages using journalctl?

  • Man page for journalctl.

           -b [ID][+-offset], --boot=[ID][+-offset]
               Show messages from a specific boot. This will add a match for
               The argument may be empty, in which case logs for the current boot
               will be shown.
               If the boot ID is omitted, a positive offset will look up the boots
               starting from the beginning of the journal, and a
               equal-or-less-than zero offset will look up boots starting from the
               end of the journal. Thus, 1 means the first boot found in the
               journal in chronological order, 2 the second and so on; while -0 is
               the last boot, -1 the boot before last, and so on. An empty offset
               is equivalent to specifying -0, except when the current boot is not
               the last boot (e.g. because --directory was specified to look at
               logs from a different machine).
               If the 32-character ID is specified, it may optionally be followed
               by offset which identifies the boot relative to the one given by
               boot ID. Negative values mean earlier boots and a positive values
               mean later boots. If offset is not specified, a value of zero is
               assumed, and the logs for the boot given by ID are shown.

    All boot related message for the current boot.

    $ journalctl -b

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