How do i run chronyc from an interactive prompt on redhat?

  • Man page for chronyc.

    You can see some of the other chronyc makes we ran in other articles.

    Just run chronyc without any options, to get the interactive prompt.

    $ chronyc
    chrony version 3.2
    Copyright (C) 1997-2003, 2007, 2009-2017 Richard P. Curnow and others
    chrony comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  This is free software, and
    you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.  See the
    GNU General Public License version 2 for details.
    chronyc> help
    System clock:               
    tracking                    Display system time information
    makestep                    Correct clock by stepping immediately
    makestep <threshold> <updates>
                                Configure automatic clock stepping
    maxupdateskew <skew>        Modify maximum valid skew to update frequency
    waitsync [<max-tries> [<max-correction> [<max-skew> [<interval>]]]]
                                Wait until synchronised in specified limits
    Time sources:               
    sources [-v]                Display information about current sources
    sourcestats [-v]            Display statistics about collected measurements
    reselect                    Force reselecting synchronisation source
    reselectdist <dist>         Modify reselection distance
    NTP sources:                
    activity                    Check how many NTP sources are online/offline
    ntpdata [<address>]         Display information about last valid measurement
    add server <address> [options]
                                Add new NTP server
    add peer <address> [options]
                                Add new NTP peer
    delete <address>            Remove server or peer
    burst <n-good>/<n-max> [<mask>/<address>]
                                Start rapid set of measurements
    maxdelay <address> <delay>  Modify maximum valid sample delay
    maxdelayratio <address> <ratio>
                                Modify maximum valid delay/minimum ratio
    maxdelaydevratio <address> <ratio>
                                Modify maximum valid delay/deviation ratio
    minpoll <address> <poll>    Modify minimum polling interval
    maxpoll <address> <poll>    Modify maximum polling interval
    minstratum <address> <stratum>
                                Modify minimum stratum
    offline [<mask>/<address>]  Set sources in subnet to offline status
    online [<mask>/<address>]   Set sources in subnet to online status
    polltarget <address> <target>
                                Modify poll target
    refresh                     Refresh IP addresses
    Manual time input:          
    manual off|on|reset         Disable/enable/reset settime command
    manual list                 Show previous settime entries
    manual delete <index>       Delete previous settime entry
    settime <time>              Set daemon time
                                (e.g. Sep 25, 2015 16:30:05 or 16:30:05)
    NTP access:                 
    accheck <address>           Check whether address is allowed
    clients                     Report on clients that have accessed the server
    serverstats                 Display statistics of the server
    allow [<subnet>]            Allow access to subnet as a default
    allow all [<subnet>]        Allow access to subnet and all children
    deny [<subnet>]             Deny access to subnet as a default
    deny all [<subnet>]         Deny access to subnet and all children
    local [options]             Serve time even when not synchronised
    local off                   Don't serve time when not synchronised
    smoothtime reset|activate   Reset/activate time smoothing
    smoothing                   Display current time smoothing state
    Monitoring access:          
    cmdaccheck <address>        Check whether address is allowed
    cmdallow [<subnet>]         Allow access to subnet as a default
    cmdallow all [<subnet>]     Allow access to subnet and all children
    cmddeny [<subnet>]          Deny access to subnet as a default
    cmddeny all [<subnet>]      Deny access to subnet and all children
    Real-time clock:            
    rtcdata                     Print current RTC performance parameters
    trimrtc                     Correct RTC relative to system clock
    writertc                    Save RTC performance parameters to file
    Other daemon commands:      
    cyclelogs                   Close and re-open log files
    dump                        Dump all measurements to save files
    rekey                       Re-read keys from key file
    Client commands:            
    dns -n|+n                   Disable/enable resolving IP addresses to hostnames
    dns -4|-6|-46               Resolve hostnames only to IPv4/IPv6/both addresses
    timeout <milliseconds>      Set initial response timeout
    retries <retries>           Set maximum number of retries
    keygen [<id> [<type> [<bits>]]]
                                Generate key for key file
    exit|quit                   Leave the program
    help                        Generate this help

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