FlexPod: Uncanny Secure Interactions Similar to an Asian Food Market – Part 3 of the Success Story

  • I’ve just returned from my vacation in Asia with a wealth of impressions. The thing that fascinated me most was how thousands of customers, stall holders, and suppliers encounter each other at the food and fish markets. Unbelievable interaction in such a small space. Everyone talks and negotiates with everyone else. European standards and habits with regard to order certainly don’t apply here. But still, it works. Orderly chaos is experienced at these markets.


    The success of these markets depends entirely on the constant exchange of information and goods. The goings-on at Asian markets resemble the principle of many new IT architectures in the digital transformation. It challenges companies to ensure more transparency and security. Every second, thousands of new (web) applications and all the new smart services send billions of data packets – within and outside of the IT perimeters of companies. However, cyber attacks, which are continuously becoming more dynamic and dangerous, can interfere. Just imagine, your IT can see and understand every packet that has ever passed through your network. Application relationships and dependencies become comprehensible, which is important to fulfill compliance and security requirements.


    Quote for LinkedIn: “With the FlexPod converged infrastructure stack, the Cisco Tetration analytics application suite forms a perfect symbiotic relationship to make all data interaction transparent.”

    Capturing all data packets, flows, and speeds

    Data exchange and interaction make modern analytics transparent, which run on a flexible, powerful, and compact infrastructure. Not only in theory, since in practice a perfect symbiosis occurs when the Cisco Tetration application platform is based on the FlexPod converged infrastructure.


    The Cisco Tetration Analytics Platform collects data from hardware and software sensors that are distributed across the entire IT landscape. In this way, every packet and data flow is captured, regardless of their speed. The solution provides an overview of the IT environment so that companies can develop a complete understanding for processes that run in data centers and in connected cloud structures. The analytics software platform also recognizes and logs data communication, all real time changes, and every access. Without Tetration this would require an enormous effort but is still obligatory. It is required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The actual data analysis is supported by machine learning, which significantly helps the automatic determination, monitoring, and enforcement of security policies.

    Comfortable system for the data explosion

    As already mentioned, the “mother” of all convergent platforms, FlexPod, is the perfect architecture for the analytics software. It is used in Flexpod Select. This has the high-performance data storage systems of the EF series and we have trimmed it to enable the fastest throughput and highest density to limit the use of hardware. Otherwise the ecological footprint required to process the enormous growth in data caused by the highly intelligent sensors and increasing feedback of information would look bad. Flexpod Select has a higher level of automation, an optimum price, and impressive performance. The faster and more explosive the data volume grows, the “more comfortable” FlexPod Select feels and can display its capabilities.


    Finally, the advantages (see also Part 1 and Part 2 of the FlexPod success story) that are evident when the solution is used in everyday business: FlexPod Select is a pre-validated IT architecture concept that can be used quickly, is automated, and pre-tested. But it can still be adapted flexibly to suit company-specific requirements. In combination with the NetApp Data Fabric, companies can use cloud connectivity to store the Tetration reports in the cloud, inexpensively and in a compliant, object-oriented manner. Fully integrated and future-proof.

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