Get Unfiltered Access to NetApp Execs at Insight 2018

  • Eric Fusilero, VP of NetAppU, meets with NetApp Insight attendees

    One of the main reasons I attend technology conferences is to build relationships and speak to people who can help me get the best value from my technology investments.


    NetApp Insight gives all those attending a great opportunity to do just that. But Insight also enables you to go beyond just a casual chat with people on the show floor or after a breakout. You also get to book one-on-one meetings with key executives. This is a fantastic example of how seriously NetApp takes hearing from their customers and partners. It’s your chance to get firsthand input from NetApp execs about how they can help us all better achieve our data-focused goals.


    As a partner, VIP meetings are an extremely valuable way to share ideas and feedback with NetApp’s leadership, but even more importantly, I’m keen to give our customers the chance to speak directly with those that build the solutions they use every day. It’s a great way to ensure that our customers get the full value from their investment in NetApp, with the opportunity to build relationships and strengthen their trust in NetApp and its people. It’s very rare to find this level of openness and transparency. NetApp is truly interested in your feedback—good and bad. Everyone all the way up to CEO George Kurian is friendly and approachable, and really do want you to tell it to them straight. They’re extremely appreciative of your business and your partnership, and they want to know what they can do to better serve your specific needs.


    I’ve been attending Insight for several years, and I personally believe if you want to get the true value out of your NetApp investment, then Insight should be on your calendar. The entire conference, from the breakouts and general sessions to the comradery and networking, is a great investment. But the VIP meetings are themselves worth the cost of attendance. You can speak directly with NetApp’s leadership and challenge them to give you what you need to deliver your data strategy.


    While you can certainly have these conversations casually in the hallway after a breakout session or on the tradeshow floor, I’d encourage you to find out about the VIP meetings and take advantage of them— you won’t regret it.


    If I can offer one tip: book well in advance, as those exec calendars fill up quickly. If you’re a current NetApp customer or partner, or even just thinking about what NetApp can do for you, there’s no substitute for going and immersing yourself in the technology and the people at Insight. Yes, there’s a time and financial investment, but the return on it is fantastic. Go to the sessions, arrange a VIP meeting, and challenge the people there to explain stuff to you. They are only too pleased to do it, so go and try them out!


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