Python – vSphere Host Networking Info

  • Oh I love Terraform so so much. But why does vSphere feel like a second class citizen? Is it because my use case is a real snowflake? Maybe, maybe not! However, Terraform in most regards when working with vSphere is awesome. Don’t get me wrong even Ansible has it downfalls with vSphere. Which is why about a year ago I mashed up a nice little project ansible-vsphere-management with Ansible, Terraform, and wait for it, PowerShell/PowerCLI. I wanted to revisit this and once again explore where each tooling would hand off to the next in an automated full stack deployment. The intent is complete hands off other than kicking off the build and when complete you have a fully provisioned infrastructure including applications running within VMs as well as containers on top of Docker Swarm cluster (Eventually this would/could be Kubernetes). Now do not get me wrong, I know well enough that not one single bit of tooling can do it all from ground up. Which is where understanding the orchestration of each tooling comes into play.

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