Nordic Perl Workshop 2018 Highlights

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    • Mojolicious has a new logo. New shirts, stickers, and other swag coming soon.
    • The Nordic Perl Workshop and MojoConf are the same thing. They had to share the #npw2018 tag with National Payroll Week going on at the same time in the UK.
    • I released a preview copy of my secret book project to write a Mojo Web Client book in three months to deliver at this conference. I got really, really close. I expect it to be available through PerlSchool at the end of September.
    • Mojolicious 8 adds several things. Even more Promises, Roles, secure user-agents, and many other things I had to adjust in my Mojo Web Client book
    • Joel Berger gave his Mojolicious Gardening talk about how to go from a Lite app to a full Mojo app. It's a lot less work than you think and you don't have to do it all at once.
    • Joel Berger wants you to write an article for the Mojolicious Advent Calendar (2017 version). Look at the articles already there and send a pull request.
    • Dylan Hardisonn is rewriting Bugzilla in Mojolicious. Bugzilla has a feature that allows people to apply a limited number of votes to issues. Scarcity allows the important issues to float to the top.
    • We had a lively discussion about what syntax edge cases we'd like to go away.
    • Salve Nilsen thinks every Perl programmer should have a Perl sticker on their laptop as a conversation starter.
    • If you hang out at Hackeriet you are expected to drink Club-Mast (informal advertising slug "You'll get used to it", maybe apocryphal)
    • All the tech companies seem to be hiring. Sebastian says SUSE has lots of jobs.
    • Kronberg Satellite Services was a sponsor, but we didn't get any free satellites or telescopes. They were quite generous despite that.

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