lxc-start -h

  • lxc-start -h
    Usage: lxc-start --name=NAME -- COMMAND
    lxc-start start COMMAND in specified container NAME
    Options :
      -n, --name=NAME        NAME of the container
      -d, --daemon           Daemonize the container (default)
      -F, --foreground       Start with the current tty attached to /dev/console
      -p, --pidfile=FILE     Create a file with the process id
      -f, --rcfile=FILE      Load configuration file FILE
      -c, --console=FILE     Use specified FILE for the container console
      -L, --console-log=FILE Log container console output to FILE
      -C, --close-all-fds    If any fds are inherited, close them
                             If not specified, exit with failure instead
                             Note: --daemon implies --close-all-fds
      -s, --define KEY=VAL   Assign VAL to configuration variable KEY
          --share-[net|ipc|uts]=NAME Share a namespace with another container or pid
    Common options :
      -o, --logfile=FILE               Output log to FILE instead of stderr
      -l, --logpriority=LEVEL          Set log priority to LEVEL
      -q, --quiet                      Don't produce any output
      -P, --lxcpath=PATH               Use specified container path
      -?, --help                       Give this help list
          --usage                      Give a short usage message
          --version                    Print the version number
    Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional
    for any corresponding short options.
    See the lxc-start man page for further information.

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