setup-alpine -h

  • The Alpine Linux command is used to setup alpine after installation. It does through the various network, filesystem, timezone, OS type setup.

    # setup-alpine -h
    usage: setup-alpine [-ahq] [-c FILE | -f FILE]
    Setup Alpine Linux
     -a  Create Alpine Linux overlay file
     -c  Create answer file (do not install anything)
     -e  Empty root password
     -f  Answer file to use installation
     -h  Show this help
     -q  Quick mode. Ask fewer questions.

    After installation of Alpine the various setup scripts are available to perform individual setup tasks.

    This is a command line completion, using tab.

    # setup-
    setup-acf              setup-gparted-desktop  setup-proxy
    setup-alpine           setup-hostname         setup-sshd
    setup-apkcache         setup-interfaces       setup-timezone
    setup-apkrepos         setup-keymap           setup-xen-dom0
    setup-bootable         setup-lbu              setup-xorg-base
    setup-disk             setup-mta
    setup-dns              setup-ntp

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