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Natural Solutions.


He knew it - Jiddu Krishamurti:

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

The article "The crisis is a crisis in consciousness". Contains a sound clip of Jiddu Krishnamurti talking about the need for "A radical revolution of the mind."

In part one of this article the following question was asked, in wars: Why are some countries sending destructive weapons, and at the same time sending humanitarian aid? It's evident that the primary reason is for control & power, but the real answer is in the paragraph above. The sound clip in the link provides the answer. The speech was made approximately 37 years ago; however, it is accurate now as it was then. We could easily assume the speech was made yesterday, because psychologically humanity has not changed.

Another example of what world peace looks like today:

“Biden approves an additional $1.1 billion in security assistance for Ukraine." CNBC Full article.

Quote the CNBC article: WASHINGTON – The Biden administration announced $1.1 billion in additional security assistance for Ukraine on Wednesday, bringing the U.S. commitment to more than $16.2 billion since Russia’s invasion in late February.

Just imagine how much that $16.2 billion would help people in need, just within the U.S. alone.

“UK to announce $2.63B military aid to Ukraine for 2023." Anadolu Agency Full article.

World leaders have not changed psychologically to pave the way forward and govern with a higher consciousness. No world leader in any country has ever developed such a model for others to follow. Their path has always been defined by radically different desires: power, greed and control. We only need to refer to our history, even fairly recent history, to observe various countries invading other countries. Is your country listed under invading forces? The authors of this link have done a great job listing various invasions. List of Invasions.

The invasion of mainland Ukraine is simply wrong, but should the response be to send more military aid? or to ask for more military aid?

Nations sending military aid to countries where innocent people are already suffering or dying through conflict; does not convey a message for peace; it does not send the message that a nation is determined to bring peace, what ever it takes.

Here's a chart of nations providing military aid between the dates shown. The numbers are counted in billions.

Nations sending military aid to Russia/Ukraine war

Link to chart with scroll.

He knew it - Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) (1949):

"We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it."


The feeling of pain and suffering is the same for all people around the world. No matter the color of a person's skin, race, culture, or class, pain and suffering is felt in the same way both physiologically and psychologically. When people are not behaving mechanically, it's evident that people need people. Our consciousness is, The Global Human Connection and some people believe it is the connection of all things in The Universe.

Definition of compassion.

"noun. a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering."

When you see or hear a human being that has lost their entire family or members of their family due to climate change or a natural disaster. They speak of every material thing they own: gone, in some cases everything they love: gone. If you feel tearful and compassionate seeing or hearing stories of people in these situations, that's a connection in human consciousness.

Forced from Paradise: Life after one of California's deadliest wildfires (2019) Source: Washington Post.

When you see or hear of a human being without a home, (without any type of shelter), laying their head to rest some where people will not complain. Feeling hungry, unclean, suffering from various health problems, no dreams, and little hope. If you feel tearful and compassionate seeing or hearing stories of people in these situations, that's a connection in human consciousness.

Living under a Bridge Doesn't Stop This Seattle Homeless Woman from Staying Positive. Source: Invisible People

When you see a human being with lost limbs, scars all over their body, all or some members of their family killed due to war; home destroyed, every material thing they own: gone, everything they love: gone. If you feel tearful and compassionate seeing or hearing stories of people in these situations, that's a connection in human consciousness.

Syria war: Hundreds of thousands flee as airstrikes continue - BBC News - 2020

When you see or hear of a human being suffering with loneliness, everyday, the feeling of falling into a bottomless cavern. No presence of another human being, no compassion of another human being, only the thoughts of a time once shared with other people; people that are no longer there to share the human spirit with. Going to sleep with those thoughts and waking up with the same thoughts, day... after day... after day. If you feel tearful and compassionate seeing or hearing stories of people in this situation, that's a connection in human consciousness.

What does it feel like to be old and alone? (source: Channel 4), Loneliness in the UK (source: ITV), Crisis facing American seniors: Life as "elder orphans" (source: CBS), How frailty leads to loneliness and isolation (source: Age UK)

These are some of the crying hearts of nations.

Anybody that helps human beings that are experiencing pain and suffering and does so without the slightest hint of ego, without any judgement, without wanting or expecting anything in return, but gives compassion that moves people to tears. This is a higher consciousness.

Human suffering happens in various ways and with varying severities. What can the monetary systems do for the suffering people? For various reasons including failing antiquated welfare, health & social systems, governments of rich countries have neglected to focus their priorities on helping those most in need; these shortfalls have existed regardless of economic slowdowns, economic slowdowns have been used to justify, longstanding buckling systems. "Magic money" appears from somewhere when it's needed for military aid. On the other hand millions of suffering people in poor countries do not get the help they need for a variety of reasons, including civil wars and government corruption. Large-scale human suffering was already happening in poorer countries, even before the effects of climate change brought even more suffering to some poorer countries.

An increasing amount of the suffering in poor countries is due to climate change, drought stricken countries where people are dying of hunger. In the past, a huge music concert like Live Aid where popular music bands and singers from around the world gathered to raise money for the 1985 famine in Ethiopia. Did the money directly reach the people that needed it? or Did a corrupt government benefit from the money donated? Many questions like this were highlighted after the concert. Arranging a concert to help with the famine crisis is a heartfelt gesture, and help did reach some people. However, looking at it on a broader scale, as mentioned in earlier articles, although any help is better than no help, these types of events only provide temporary help. The validation that these types of events only provide temporary help is, famine hit the same regions in 2003 and there is an ongoing famine that started 2020 to the present day.

The fact is, c.1985 there were several countries had people dying of hunger, not just Ethiopia. There was no concerts for the other countries. The point is, hunger is a wide-spread issue and should be address as an united global government issue, before things turn into a humanitarian emergencies. The Live Aid gesture was a great one and many people gave generously, but how much emphasis was placed on the awareness of someone dying from hunger and whether all the money people donated, actually reached the people that needed it. We heard the shocking stories and saw shocking images of the people struggling in Ethiopia in 1985, however in the countries where the bands originated from, was the euphoria more about seeing famous music bands and singers under one roof? Incredible as the gesture was, as noble as the gesture was, something did not feel completely right about expressing the enjoyment. The singing & the dancing of huge numbers of people, while in another part of the world suffering was taking place. Naturally, the incentive for people to donate had to be there, but it boils down to a question of trust. When fundraising events like Live Aid are organized, if we could guarantee that all the money raised was going to the people in need. More people would feel a lot more comfortable about participating in fundraising events if there was a verifiable way of guarantying, that nothing less than 100% of their donation is going to aid the actual people that need it without getting into the wrong hands. A verifiable method would also drastically increase the number of donations. Live Aid picked up some of the shortfalls where government systems failed the people suffering from famine and this should be admired. It was people helping people.


Military aid to Ukraine


To put things into perspective, The Band Aid, Live Aid & Live 8 combined raised approx. $155 million. Looking at the chart above, the total military aid (to date) from the top six countries or regions is $37.7 billion. Counting in number of concerts, this amounts to one concert per year for 243 years to raise the equivalent amount of money. The $37.7 billion in military aid was given by various governments to Ukraine to fight in the Russo-Ukraine, war in just 10 months of 2022. Do... you... see... the... picture? This money accounts for military aid only, without including financial & humanitarian aid provided to Ukraine. The plight in Ethiopia and surrounding areas is only used as an example to highlight where the money given to Ukraine for military aid would be used. The money could be used to help all kinds of human suffering around the world.

The fact is, human issues are going to be constantly present in every country. The problem however, is the systems we use have been designed inadequately around the monetary system and this problem leads to unfair and unequal access to help. This is how things work in money-based systems. When the economy is booming, people benefit financially and enjoy their increased wealth, there is a euphoria and many human issues fall off people's radar. Human issues come back under the radar during harsh economic times as more people grapple with financial issues. Other reasons why human issues come back on the radar is because the problems are wide-spread and because of media attention; to boost the media viewer ratings. During harsh economic times many people have good cause to be fearful; the money-based systems demand more money from people that are already struggling financially and the media feeds off of this fear and uncertainty.

Trying to portray a powerful & dominant image on the world stage appears to take higher priority for governments over providing more help for people experiencing any kind of human issue. As mentioned in another article, it's the generosity of some people that have donated to charities to aid various human issues that has picked up the slack, where government created systems have failed to help people directly.

Throughout history, most of the problems experienced by humans have been solved through an understanding of nature. Alternatively nature has provided us with the resources to enjoy a more comfortable life. The ONE unnatural thing created by humans is, MONEY; so it's no wonder why there are so many problems in the world today. The BIG clue is there and it's staring right at us; nature-based solutions, systems based and designed on how nature works, without the use of money or any form of currency. Some proof that money-based system do not work is, governments and other entities have donated money to The World Food Programme for decades, money has not solved the problem of world hunger. At most it helps to avert some of the immediate crisis.

The picture below emphasizes some of nature's systems. The apple tree is only used as an example, nature's system applies to all plant life. Everything that is provided by nature to all living creatures is freely available, no money was involved. Side thought: What if someone owned The Sun and demanded the energy bill payment from human race each month? It gives us free light, free heat, free food via plants, it gives us life. Humans have created systems by turning everything into a commodity, even the things naturally & freely available to all living things on The Earth. This is why The Venus Project's, Resource Based Economy, where everything is freely accessible makes complete sense.


Nature's Systems


He knows it - His Holiness the Dalai Lama (2021):

When asked: "As someone who has given his life to helping human beings transform themselves, what do you understand about a unified consciousness of heart and mind?"

“Education is of universal value,” His Holiness replied. “Up to now modern education has focused on developing the brain, the intellect, rather than the heart. If you have a warm heart, you’ll have peace of mind, but if you’re preoccupied with a sense of competition and the frustration that comes with it, you won’t.

“As I mentioned before, last century, Mahatma Gandhi presented the importance of the notion of non-violence. In this century, it will be similarly powerful if the whole world is able to give more attention, not just in churches and temples, but through education, to warm-heartedness."

This is a paragraph from a previous article: Education Systems

Human Education.

Teaching human education would be a good idea throughout a persons entire life, this could be be taught from childhood and all the way through a persons career and into retirement. The content taught relative to the age group, Human Education is learning about different cultures, respecting different cultures, learning that we are different but the same and learning about how we are a part of nature. The purpose of Human Education is to create a single global human consciousness by learning about ourselves. A related link: Holistic Education


The distance between nature and humanity is increasing, with most of humanity living in a separate existence to nature. We seem to have forgotten that we are a part of nature but have gradually become more and more distant from it. We have a one to one relationship with it. We are nature and nature is us..

Our deepest heartfelt feelings go out to anyone affected by any of the issues written in this article.
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When there are wars, who are world leaders trying to win the war for? Is it the public? Is this why we elect leaders? Do the public understand world leaders have the power to cause death & destruction? Or Maybe the public; when they are marking that ballot paper thought they were going to get a beautiful compassionate nation and a blissful future? Most people only want the world leaders that are going to bring them a compassionate nation and a blissful future; not leaders who also have the powers to also bring death and destruction. When it comes to finding money to facilitate death & destruction the money always seems to be readily available. When it comes to solving a nations social problems and helping the people most in need, that money is always harder to find.

Instead of terming it defense spending, it should be changed to peace spending, and if world leaders want to send armies to other nations, then they should draft up the biggest armies ever. But call them compassion armies; dispatch them out to help the people of their own nation, dispatch them out to other nations in need: to help build infrastructure, support the poor, help solve all of society's problems, planet trees, help other environmental initiatives and so on. All countries should adopt a similar principle, to help their own nation and other nations. What a real change that would be? If it needs a label or name, it can be called "Operation Love Humanity"

He knew it - John Lennon's song - Imagine (1971):

"Imagine all the people
Living life in peace... You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one"

He knew it - John Lennon's song - Give Peace A Chance (1969):

"All we are saying is give peace a chance"

Above all else, a transformation in consciousness is needed.

A transformation in consciousness for a better world has to start in each one of us, all individuals, political leaders, governing bodies, all organizations, all charities, and all groups of every kind. This is fundamental in solving all problems presently faced by humanity. This includes the solution, "A New Way Of Living" discussed below, however "A New Way Of Living" would be a monumental step towards a transformation in consciousness.

When discussing a global human consciousness, it mean no divisions at all. A unified global human consciousness is a "way of living as One", rather than grouping up and making divisions for everything. It's an immense transition but one that is desperately needed. The next solution discusses a Resource Based Economy, where monetary based systems do not exist and technology is only used if it has a benefit for humanity.

He knew it - Nelson Mandela

“A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives, would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of.”

Nelson Mandela, suffered incredible pain for a "free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities." and he tried to make all people realize this. Stop the violence - Stop the pain - Stop the suffering. Mahatma Gandhi, before Nelson Mandela fought for a similar cause to stop rival races fighting. These two unique individuals and others like them, changed the hearts of many people, but not ALL of the people. If unique individuals, men or women was enough to bring about an absolute transformation of the mind for all people, permanently, we would not be seeing our violent history repeating itself.

The only way to improve the current systems.

Due to the way nations are currently governed and the type of issues facing humanity, it has never been a time more critical for a transformation in consciousness this has to begin with the world leaders; this mean an absolute transformation of the mind; not just another elected politician whose policies are seen to be better than another groups policies. If nations are going to continue down this path, we may as well just pick (draw) straws to elect a leader. A transformation in consciousness would mean an entirely new political party in which all members operate on a higher conscious level.

Considering modern generations have never known anything different on how governments operate and how they make their decisions; it does seem humorous to suggest requiring a political party to think on a higher conscious level. Observing the present situation, with too many people suffering, people's lives are close to ruin or already ruined and for many the suffering prevents them of even contemplating a prosperous future, all of this is anything but humorous. The time for a political party which is disruptive on an advanced psychological level is well overdue.

There are people in governments that want this humanistic approach, but their voices are not being heard. It hasn't been enough to have some people in government to take this approach; for the same reasons unique peacemakers have not had a permanent impact on world peace.

Human created systems.

If we're going to retain the various systems we use, they should be formulated around human consciousness. A pre-cursor to this paragraph is outlined under the title "The only way to improve the current systems." above. Systems created with compassion, fairness, equality, goodness and operate in balance with nature. The individuals that create and work in the systems, and the people that use them, shouldn't be divided. We currently live in systems structured around the "Us" and "Them" type systems. Systems created to try to catch people out; the people working in the systems portray an attitude to that effect with people needing to use the systems.

This can apply to any organization. Every single person that has interacted with any organization knows that organizations work around a particular set of rules, these sets of rules are structured around money:

  • The people that work within an organization are an enclosed group, hired to work by rules and promote their brand, this makes an organization one entity.
  • The people (consumers) that use the organization have to conform to the rules for an exchange in services or goods, the value of which is a monetary value, the consumers are another entity.
  • Of course the consumer can also be part of another organization, whereby they are part of an enclosed group, working by a set rules and promoting another brand.
  • And the whole thing goes around and around.

As there are thousands of organizations, this means there are thousands of different sets of rules, which equates to thousands of different ways individuals may like or dislike the way an organization works. All this entails living in the systems and living with all this complexity. To summarize, on the whole the divisions (or the "Us and them") exist because the systems revolve around money.

Money & Inequality.

The fact is, where money is involved; inequality is involved. If the corporate world find loopholes to obtain more money, they will use them. If health industry find loopholes to obtain more money, they will use them. If any industry find loopholes to obtain more money, they will use them. This theme runs down to the individual level. Another fact is, those that already possess large amount of wealth, find easy ways of increasing their wealth, while those with financial problems are striving to obtain enough money to live. One example of people that are already wealthy and found ways to retain more of their wealth is, the Panama Papers

Countries implicated in the Panama Papers leak.

Countries with politicians, public officials or close associates implicated in the leak on April 15, 2016 (as of May 19, 2016) Wikipedia article on the Panama Papers

Looking at the map. The proof is there, we can conclusively say money and inequality is global, taking into account practices such as the ones discovered in the Panama offshore financial services leak, The leak discovered involvement of wealthy individuals and entities that used these financial services; individuals and entities possessed a certain level of wealth initially in order to make these practices beneficial for them.

A quote from someone who endured extreme hardships & struggle, but came out on the other side with a beaming smile - Madiba.

He knew it - Nelson Mandela - The Rivonia Trial, 1964

"I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die. "

To live in a completely new way.

What if all that extra complexity in life didn't exist? Not a single thing to pay for? It's not an easy concept to grasp considering how conditioned we have become using various systems, but it can be a reality with The Venus Project. The Venus Project would mean, the end of the perpetual competition and money cycle; this would mean a mind free of being locked into systems; the systems we use today where the amount of money you obtain equates to the quality of life. A mind free of any financial stress means living a freer life.

The Venus Project is a highly advanced alternative to "The only way to improve the current systems" above.

The article called "A New Way Of Living" focused on a Resource Based Economy, envisaged by Jaquces Fresco & The Venus Project.. This is not a utopian dream but a possibility. The Venus Project is the result of a life-times work by Jacques Fresco. A process of understanding and thought to create these concepts and ideas. Jacques Fresco has explained how these concepts would work in several of his videos. Nature is Integral part of the Venus Project Cities. In today's world we have built cities with hardly any nature around them. In Jacques Fresco's designs nature is all around the structures and nature outside of the cities is untouched or is left to regenerate. The designs and models say it all with overwhelming beauty and simplicity.

The discussions of The Venus Project in these articles is seen as a "New Way Of Living." Every entity has to be called something, but rather than seeing it as promoting a brand, it would be more accurate to say we are promoting a "New Way Of Living." by supporting the ideologies of The Venus Project. With the state of things 2022, it should be in the interest of all people to want to live in a world that The Venus Project is proposing.

Design Venus Project City
Design Venus Project City
Design Venus Project City


Related article on The Venus Project: A New Way Of Living. A way of living in a:

  • A world where there is no currency but all the world's resources are the common heritage of humanity.
  • A world where there are no mandatory systems to follow.
  • A world where "everyone" has equal access to all the things they want freely in the same way you borrow a library book.
  • A world where "all" people's lives are free from constant struggle of competing to obtain the basic things in life.
  • A world free of the perpetual competition for a better life.
  • A world where there's equality.
  • A world where AI & Technology are for the benefit of the people; not for exploitation of the people.
  • A world where nature (we're a part of nature) & the environment are completely integral to each day.

The Struggling Class.

This spectrum of the middle class make up most of the people, especially in the rich countries. This class is spoken of as, not having it so bad, and not having to so good. Although in recent years the financial wealth of this spectrum of the middle class has rapidly decreased, and continues to decrease. This class are enticed into having the best life has to offer, by giving them the options to buy things they can't afford via credit. If you are working - we'll you get credit, If you are working - we'll give you a loan for a house you can't afford to ever pay back. Work and pay back, work and pay back, have a wonderful holiday/vacation, and then work and pay back. This is the perpetual cycle of the middle class; enticed into buying things they cannot afford and endlessly trying to pay back debt, with only pockets of enjoyable times in-between a life time of work. If lucky, in late life, some people in this class have something they can survive on, not forgetting the continued taxation even into late life... What... a... life...?

A Life Full Of Struggle.


Introductory videos on The Venus Project.


A resource based economy where the all The Earth's natural resources are the common heritage of humanity. This would mean the elimination of any monetary based systems.

After transitioning to a resource based economy, The role of the government would be to perform the transition to a resource based economy, after which it would operate in a different capacity to manage (not govern) and maintain the resource based economy.

In a Resource Based Economy (RBE), there would be no need for people to work to make a society function. Using automation to work for humans would remove mundane tasks away from humans. There would be no need for a monetary system; this would free up time for humans to pursue their creativity and other interests. The world we live in today, the incentive for all people is driven by the systems we use. All systems have one factor in common, money. The systems we use today have repeatedly failed us; it's time for a change. We often hear the words fortunate and lucky from some individuals as they have reached their golden years. As in, "I was one of the fortunate ones." The transition to a resourced based economy; fortune or luck do not play a part in anyone's life; everyone is equal.

Water, the most precious resource


Large organizations retain an interest in keeping ahead of what the general public comprehends. They are completely aware of water scarcity. Water scarcity affects all industries, especially agriculture, crops require water to grow? Wine, beer, and spirits can't be produced without water. All food and beverage production requires water. The thought of not having water to drink is a terrifying one. Imagine feeling parched from a climate change heatwave and that cold glass or bottle of water is unavailable... In some countries, this is already a reality they are living with. At one time this was a problem confined to the so-called Third World (poor nations) but now it is being realized by rich countries as well. Water scarcity is an extremely serious and grim reality.

Climate change threatens the very existence of humanity, and if all the science is informing us, that the way humans are living is not improving the problem. It's long overdue, but it's time world leaders opened their ears and listened; take a "hold everything else" approach to it. No matter what promises they make, In drought stricken places any government you vote for, will not be able to put water into the ground or fill up drying rivers. If using cloud seeding the long-term consequences are unknown.

Human consciousness is the ground that connects all humans. Water is the ground that connect all living things on earth. The life force of all living things on the planet.

IPCC issues ‘bleakest warning yet’ on impacts of climate breakdown.

Even at current levels, human actions in heating the climate are causing dangerous and widespread disruption, threatening devastation to swathes of the natural world and rendering many areas unliveable.

“The scientific evidence is unequivocal: climate change is a threat to human wellbeing and the health of the planet,” said Hans-Otto Pörtner, a co-chair of working group 2 of the IPCC. “Any further delay in concerted global action will miss a brief and rapidly closing window to secure a liveable future.” Link to article - Feb 2022

Any government experimenting with the idea of artificially creating water clouds is not considering the consequences. It's understandable why certain groups are at their wits-end about climate change, their message to people that don't perceive their actions is: "I want to live in a healthy environment; I want our future generations to live in a healthy environment, don't you?" The reality is climate change related disasters have already disrupted or claimed many human lives. The reality is climate changes related disasters have already disrupted or wiped out the habitats of many species.

Climate change groups understand that big organizations function for enormous sums of money, and regardless of how much profits they make, it's never enough. This is the greed and power cycle in action. The big organizations are the big cogs, and the small cogs, the smaller organizations. Essentially competing for the similar things, but on smaller scale.There is a way out of the greed cycle and it is called The Venus Project.



If people think oil is a cause for conflicts, imagine a resource that is the life source of human beings and all living things; water could represent an even more significant cause for conflicts. Countries that have been deliberating on what action they should take on climate change for approx. 28 years are suddenly realizing climate change is not something that's only going on elsewhere; this is complacency, in the last three years, all countries have started to observe the effects of climate change. It's not their problem until, it becomes their problem. Related article: The Environment

Perception of the world currently.

People's perception of the world in 2022 is all about boundaries: this is my home, this is my neighborhood, this is the place I work, this is my town/city, and this is my country. What needs to happen is, people's perception of the world is all about boundaries: this is my home. This is my neighborhood; this is the place I work, this is my town/city, and this is my country. The perception needs changing to: Human beings are one with the universe; let's treat the world we live in as one with the universe, and all the resources of the planet are free for all species, this means every human being irrespective of borders. If we adopted this model now, it would serve as a framework for living on other planets in the future. Due to centuries of conditioning, it's not the most familiar model to grasp. Alternatively, humanity can continue down the same path it has for centuries, where every entity (from individuals to countries) lay claim to everything and take this model outside our planet. Related Link: Canada makes competing claim to North Pole against Russia, Denmark.

Territoriality: Most species on the planet carve out territories for themselves, so what's wrong with humans doing it? Most species live in their habitats and typically remain within this space; any territorial disputes are within their habitat. Humans occupy almost all parts of the planet and have taken territorial ownership to another level; not only their ownership but the territorial ownership of other species they share the planet with. As the world’s population is projected to reach 8 billion by 15 November 2022 (Source: UN); the potential for territorial disputes increases at all levels, starting with the space around an individual. For example, think of a time when pandemic distancing was in place; people didn't appreciate other people standing close to them, and the same applies to any other crowded place; there are some cultural differences, but this is generally the case. The other end of the spectrum, countries are involved in territorial disputes. Humans dominate the planet and have torn up all kinds of resources they want; most of the time irrespective of the environmental impact or the disruption of habitats of other species. This still continues today.

He knows it - Sir David Attenborough (Davos 2019):

“The Holocene has ended. The Garden of Eden is no more. We have changed the world so much that scientists say we are in a new geological age: the Anthropocene, the age of humans.”

What would it be like to live in a resource based economy?

This is our representation of the ethos around a Venus Project City, the information is taken from the The Venus Project website. The key facts are in alignment with information found on The Venus Project website. A resource based economy means no monetary system and everything is freely accessible. See the Venus Project's Frequently asked questions link: Venus Project's Frequently asked questions

Justice systems.

In a resource based economy where everything is freely accessible to all people. Considering much crime stems around money or possessions, in a resource based economy, all the crime that stems from financial reward would be virtually eliminated. Violence is inherent in our ancient primitive minds; as we mentioned in earlier articles, the primitive mind has inherently been with us; a combination of the environment someone is raised in and the inherent capacity towards violence creates this behavior in humans.

Humans have to be taught not to hate, not to be violent and not to possess any other things considered to be bad traits. Compassion comes with self-observation and learning, societies that nurture these things will bring self-transformation and a collective transformation in human consciousness.

There are some people that live their lives with genuine selfless compassion. There are many people that have short-lived moments of compassion, much of this compassion maybe through what is seen or heard in the media, but a separation is made between this and how it should be applied to their own life. Having some people with genuine selfless compassion and others with short-lived moments of compassion is not enough. The transformation of the mind needs to change to an inherent compassion in all.

Cheryl B. McMillan (2017):

“Self-observation is an awareness practice where you turn your attention inward, and nonjudgmentally watch what you think, feel, and do.”

A world where natural resources are common global heritage and everything freely accessible to all individuals would mean living in a world without systems that have evolved around money and this would be a monumental step towards a change in human consciousness.

Social welfare systems

Current welfare systems are degrading; they operate without a true sense of human value and there is a lack of trust from either side. In a resource based economy, as everything would be freely accessible for all people throughout their entire lives, there would be no need for welfare systems.

What about fashion, design, style & personal preference?

What if everyone wants a Louis Vuitton bag or any personal product? People have lived in the monetary system for a long time; the transition into a resource based economy where everything is freely accessible will take time to adjust. The goal is to make all people's live better.

One of the factors around the Venus Project is freedom, this mean freedom of choice for everyone. Owning personal items such as designer wear would be a choice, but with one key component, every is produced in a sustainable way. One way the personal choice may work is as follows: A person orders an item, keeps it as required; then when new designs come out, the item is sent back to the designer for 100% recycling, the designers either make the same item for another person or the materials go into a brand-new design. The key concept being every item, product and everything is 100% recyclable in a resource based economy. In essence it would mean reconnecting with nature, recycling is not a new concept prehistoric humans recycled various items.

What would the artists and designers get out of it? They get recognition for their designs, for their creativity & artistry, not for their wealth or how much an item sells for.

How would you choose houses, cars and other similar things? People just borrow everything like a library, someone may live in a house in the sea for a number of years, then switch to a city house. Public transportation would be all autonomous; with self-driving cars and other forms of autonomous transportation the need for an individual car would be redundant.

Here is link to the Venus Project's answer to How about personal possessions?

Using automation and AI for the benefit of humanity would be the ultimate goal in a resource based economy. However the transition into automating and AI processes is a gradual one, but one that has already begun and will only accelerate; provided no other world problem prevents it.

One way to transition into a resource based economy is provided using an example trade to explain how it could work.

If we take the trade of a cheesemaking:How might they fit into The Venus Project resource based economy?

Some cheeses take a lot of time to mature, the process is complex and it takes a lot of hard effort to produce. The cheesemaker may have a some valid questions about a resource based economy: "In a resource based economy there's no money, right? Answer: yes. "I get no money for all my hard work in producing the best cheese in the world, right?" Answer: yes.

If we zoom out and take a closer look at a resource based economy:

  • Everything is freely accessible in a resource based economy.
  • This means all the raw ingredients the cheesemaker requires is freely available regardless of which country they are sourced from, no monetary expenses are involved.
  • This means producers of other foods also produce their products using freely available raw ingredients and hence no monetary expenses are involved.
  • The cheesemaker is not going to be eating just cheese everyday, so they will benefit from obtaining other food freely from other food producers and they may have equally spent time and energy making their products
  • The cheesemaker produces their products for free, but the cheesemaker would also obtain other food products from other producers, freely.

Description of resources.

"Resource refers to all the materials available in our environment which are technologically accessible, economically feasible and culturally sustainable and help us to satisfy our needs and wants."

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The key to making all this work is the raw ingredients (the resources) being freely available and freely distributed using clean energy automated transportation systems.

Today various producers and manufacturers are being rewarded with money for example, by creating a fine quality expensive cheese and getting recognition for producing the best quality cheese. In a resourced based economy, there wouldn't be any financial reward, but getting recognition for producing quality cheese is equally rewarding if not more. The additional benefit is every person is able to try their cheese, because it would be freely available.

Today, the incentive for all of commerce, at least initially, is to gain as much money as possible. However, after the cheesemaker has already acquired all the things they desire with money, then being recognized for their expertise and skill in producing in producing quality cheese becomes a bigger priority for them and this becomes a lot more rewarding for them.

In a resource based economy all the things the cheesemaker previously wanted to buy with money would be freely accessible already, hence the incentive to create a business around money would no longer be a factor.

The Cheesemaker is just one example, in a resource based economy everything is freely accessible to everyone, making all the world's resources common heritage of humanity facilitates this - A touch of genius from Jacques Fresco of The Venus Project.

In The Venus Project all mundane tasks would be performed by AI and Robots (working for the benefit of human beings) to free up time for people. Much of factory food handling and preparation today, is already being done using robots with various sensors. Which means even if a cheesemaker's still want to produce their own cheese, automation will help in the production and will take away all the mundane tasks. For example, periodically flipping the cheese slabs, checking the maturity of the cheese over the months or years; using robots to take samples to test the composition before alerting the cheesemaker, for tasting.

What about greed?

If everything is freely accessible in a resource based economy, then education is the key to greed, for example, ancient peoples only used what they needed to live and also found ways of recycling and repurposing materials; they didn't need to be taught to do this. Modern generations have gone down a different path, and a change in consciousness is needed.

The Venus Project - Provides a different way of living, a sustained way of living.

People are "locked-in" to the way the world works today and believe that's the way it is and that's the way it's always going to be. The Venus Project comes from decades of intelligent thought and design, with one very important thing at the forefront, "For the good of all the people". It's a reality that can free people from the world & life we know today.

Many ideas of Jacques Fresco have become a reality; he has publicly spoken about them in interviews starting around the 1960's. A couple of ideas from that time are now being used and people will immediately relate to these are: The self-driving car with sensors and The modern day entertainment console. The computer TV, also called a Smart TV.

Jacques Fresco was way ahead of his time, so many of his ideas have yet to be realized.

The more we have disconnected ourselves from nature, the greater our problems have become. Instead of remaining an integral part of nature, we have exploited nature like one big shopping mall. Humans have devised systems that do not align with nature and in the process complicated the sheer act of living, by having to use such systems; over the decades, humans have only compounded the problems they face.

Imagine waking up tomorrow in a Venus Project city, free of the systems we know today. Cities where every person is treated equally and everything people need is freely accessible. Cities where the environment is kept in balance with nature. People's minds would feel completely free. We believe this is the natural mind, the natural way for humans to live on Earth.

If words alone could change humanity, centuries of valuable wisdom would have elevated human beings psychologically and transformed human consciousness. Words or language have not transformed human consciousness, and the discussions in all these articles are mere words.

That's it.

Our journey of self-transformation begins...


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