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War & Conflict

Some people would say a business's whole purpose is to make money. However, it's their purpose because this is how the systems have been structured for millennia and humanity has never looked back. Looking at the disparity, inequality, the system of money has brought; some people enjoying the benefits that financial security provides, while the majority constantly strive to make a living. Nations have endured many recessions & depressions. If past or present governments had provided durable solutions to these problems, societies would not be living in this persistent imbalance from generation to generation. Crime, deception and money have coexisted since the advent of money.

People's wealth or the financial security people have equates to how content they are, how conceited they are when they interface in society. At first, this seems like an unfair statement, but no disrespect is intended. It's more about the nature of the behavior, having wealth provides the reassurance of financial security and in some people that induces conceit.

People thought after World War II (WWII), everything would change; humanity would rise from the ashes to do things differently; do things better; find a common ground for all humanity to be one. Instead, the excess accelerated after World War II, and the economic engines turned faster; everyone wanted more and wanted it faster. Certain countries continued to stockpile armaments and the same social issues persisted post war. What did humanity learn?

Rational thought would suggest after WWII there would be an agreement that stipulates, no country can dominate the world stage, regardless of its size or the economic wealth, and all countries agreeing to the cessation of military armaments. We only need to look at the state of the world today for concrete proof that, the powers that be (world leaders) do not change psychologically, do not learn from tragic history. The First World War was said to be the "War to end all wars."

Our hopes, wishes & thoughts are no good in situations of innocent people dying in war. A family with children desperately trying to get to safety in war afflicted areas of the world; there's no divine intervention to satisfied their urgent needs. Our frustration, anger and wishing them faith is no good in situations of innocent people dying in war. Innocent people should never be put in this situation. At most we can help those trying to survive, by getting basic needs to them, sending them vital supplies and supporting the charities that aid this. The pain and suffering of innocent people in war is a reflection of the psychological state of humanity. The Council of Europe, elaborate on various topics including peace, violence, and hate: Peace and Violence & Related article, check: Stop & Wake Up.

The people dying in war-afflicted areas of the world, is you, the common ground for all humans beings is consciousness; you are them and they are you. A total transformation of all our minds to become one single global consciousness is the only way.

Think about our history and the mentality of the powerful; people stole land from others and exploited the people for labor (slavery), exploited the natural resources to enjoy the finer pursuits of life. This wasn't an alien species that devised these practices. The human race, centuries later, has not changed psychologically. See list of conflicts: List of ongoing armed conflicts. It needs repeating: A total transformation of all our minds to become one single global consciousness is the only way.

Final comments on systems.

If you have followed this series of articles. One fact stands out above all; The enormous disparity between humans in the monetary system. The lower end of the social class system suffers pain and endures incredible hardships, and this situation becomes more desperate during tough economic periods. The upper end of the social class system; are able to double down during tough economic periods and look at it as an opportunity to generate even more wealth. This... is... a... broken... system.

Finance Systems.

See related article: Financial Systems. It's unfortunate that the class terms have to be used. When referring to the left side, it represents mainly the red highlighted area. When referring to right side it represent the middle-class into the lower-class.

Source: Financial Post (2017):

"With $20 trillion between them, Blackrock and Vanguard could own almost everything by 2028."


The Class System.

Systems & Classes


The last few years have witnessed an increase in the popularity of assets built on-top of blockchain technology, the purpose of these assets is not fundamentally dissimilar to money. The fact remains, if some people can possess enormous amounts of it and some own small fractions of it; it does not solve humanities equality problem. In regard to blockchain assets (tokens), the same old problems humanity has with corruption and money, the class system and greed; all these problems transitions into these assets. Blockchain technology is the real asset.

Humanity throughout history to the present day is at odds with each other because of the inequality of the class system. To create further imbalance humanity encourages the competitive mentality from early life; this is perpetually creating egocentric societies.

To place the class system into everyday context, we hear people talking about how beautiful certain cities are around the world: The buildings, the attractions, places to explore, restaurants & cafes, public spaces, and so on. This is all true; when you're living in or exploring the desirable part of that city, and have the wealth to enjoy what the desirable part of the city has to offer. People enjoying the good part of cities around the world constitute the left section of the class system diagram. "The good part" of cities equates to better living conditions, better places to shop, cleaner streets, higher-quality grocery outlets, better safety, better lighting, and better everything. We live in a life full of inequality; in the systems we live under, a better quality of life means having more money.

People on the extreme lower end of the class system display a resilient nature; they have no choice - they have to; they speak of enjoying the simple things like nature around them, having the air in their lungs and still being alive; still breathing, this is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. However, the point is; it should never be a "testament to the strength of the human spirit" this is not what living life on this planet should be about. There are some people on the lower end of the class spectrum that don't have that resilience and look for other ways to cope and very sadly, some feel they have no option but to take their own life. This is a reflection of how badly societies are structured in the money hierarchy; not on how a person's situation became so dire, that they felt the need to end their own life.

Some people on right side of the spectrum may have once enjoyed the comforts the left side has. It's not a question of how they got there, in a compassionate society this shouldn't matter. Given the chance they would take the opportunity to enjoy a fraction of the life the left side has in life; and with the right help and support, maybe they can feel they have a place on this planet again; feel it was worth it, feel loved, feel like a whole human being again. Maybe governments should start incentives measures on this end of the class spectrum as a priority, instead of pouring billions into militaries and weapons.

The distance between nature and humanity is increasing, with most of humanity living in a separate existence to nature. We seem to have forgotten that we are a part of nature but have gradually become more and more distant from it. We have a one to one relationship with it. We are nature and nature is us..

Our deepest heartfelt feelings to anyone affected by any of the issues written about in this article.
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The Capitalist Pyramid.

Perpetual shackles


The right side of Capitalist Pyramid from the top-down reads. Capitalism, We rule you, We fool you, We shoot at you, We eat for you and We feed all, We work for all. Related link: Pyramid of Capitalist System. Looking at what the picture represented in 1901 or 1911, it still requires no modifications for 2022.

Many say, life is short and we only have a brief amount of time on the planet. Is this how we should be using that time? Most of the world's population are trying to break free of this perpetual cycle, but they are locked into these systems, only the wealthy have options and the freedom of choice. The system is broken.

Here's a larger image of the Capitalist Pyramid.

Anti-Capitalist Diagram


Education Systems.

See related article: Education Systems.

Primary education is good for basic learning, this should be available to everyone in the world, without any sort of discrimination. If people choose to pursue further education, it should be for the enjoyment of something they are interested in, not as a catalyst for pursuing a financially rewarding job.

As individuals our time is limited on earth; we study most of our early life and then work all the way through to late in life. Is this what life is about? This path would be a worthy one if all our ambitions were fulfilled. The reality is, it's a struggle for most, even before having any age related health issues

Government Systems.

See related article: Government Systems.

Governments - When governments are functioning effectively, the public shouldn't even know a government exists; all people are getting what they need in society and are satisfied.

It's humble for those less fortunate to say, "Things could be worse." This statement is accurate at times, but the prospect of a situation being worse is always inevitably going to be true; it shouldn't be used as a measure of the problems a nation has created. The statement is just a way for the less fortunate to find comfort in their plight.

The fact is regardless of people's views on governments, we have to tolerate the systems we have , government are not only put in power to "Govern" a nation, but also bring prosperity to a nation. Today people are even questioning a governments responsibility to govern, let alone its responsibility bring prosperity.

One definition of the word govern is:

To govern a place such as a country or its people, means to be officially in charge of the place, and to have responsibility for making laws, managing the economy, and controlling public services.

If the actions described in the definition were being performed efficiently by a government; as far as people's welfare is concerned, people would continually have a prosperous future. Today the majority of people are facing day-to-day uncertainty (survival), let alone hoping for prosperous future.

Instead, we have most governments with one leader; one person, making important decisions for an entire nation. The proof is staring us in face, the decisions made over successive governments have made people lives a living hell, they have literally ______ up so many people's lives.

While they are performing their powerplays at the podium, making speeches to satisfy their own ego, spouting out words that do not speak to the hearts of all people, they don't speak to the problems of the people, most of the time they make policies to favor certain groups of people, while completely disregarding other groups of people. At a flick of pen, one elected leader, has the power to ruin the lives of so many...This form of governing is not the future for nations.

A nation that puts trust in them, voted for them; simply on the basis that they spoke the right words; to make people believe their future would be a prosperous one, a future to look forward to. Promises by various leaders that have faltered time after time. The fact is, successive governments have all contributed in making the systems we use worse, especially for the people at the bottom of the capitalist pyramid. This trend is unlikely to stop. New governments = power-hungry leaders + compounding existing problems.


See related article: Organizations.

If organizations nurtured the human spirit and soul, it would not be seen as something people need to endure, but it would be something people enjoyed doing. Related article: Earth-Connected Organizations.

At the basic level, the money-based relationship mostly equates to organizations ensuring they get the most out of their employees. Most people devote most of their time to work than at home; put another way; people spend more time working than living, especially during their prime years. Maybe, this is the reason why, during the pandemic many people asked themselves the following question; How should I be living my life? Towards the latter part of life most people look back and realize that they worked the majority of their lives, with little, or no benefit to them by retirement age; only the brief moments of joy during all those years in the rat race, this is presuming individuals have been lucky enough to remain healthy at the end of their work life. After all those years of work, many individuals are likely to suffer work related health issues and age related ailments. Stress occupies a huge role (probably the biggest factor) in incrementally causing other health-related issues; For the majority of people, stress and work go hand in hand throughout a persons entire work life. This is the outcome of living in the systems we use. Let's face it, for the majority of people, the anxiety is mostly money related. What if everyone was able to enjoy life more? without any anxieties about old age, the prospect of living in a society where people are valued throughout their entire lives and receive the finest quality medical treatment regardless of their wealth.

They knew it - George Lucas/Ben Bova - THX 1138 (1971):

“Work hard, increase production, prevent accidents and be happy.” “Let us be thankful we have commerce. Buy more. Buy more now. Buy. And be happy.”


See related article: Groups.

Our primitive nature has some bearing on the negative aspects of herd mentality. But if humans progressed at a conscious level, we would not need to keep using that as an excuse to justify our behavior.

Information/Media Systems.

See related article: Information/Media Systems.

Pertaining to Information/Media Systems we could go as far as saying that generation after generation have built up attitudes and beliefs via information & media systems, and through this, have acted with incomplete and inaccurate information. This could account for the state of the world in 2022.

There is no universal truth meter in the mind to analyze every piece of information that enters the mind; instead, people's minds are shaped by the environment they were raised in. Some people will be easily influenced without any fact-checking; some groups of people will believe one thing and some groups will believe another thing. There are hundreds of various factors that influence people's views. A couple of things are common in most; whatever people believe to be true; their ego tells them they are always right, and most people are only too happy to openly defend anything that contradicts or hurts that ego.

Hate speech is only one aspect of it, but the overall driver is people's ability to hate. There's an inclination to be spiteful; to get even, and most people employ a, "I'll show you" type attitude. Whether it is done cunningly or blatantly, it amounts to the same thing. This is a lot more prevalent today; these undesirable traits are inherent in humans. Over millennia humans have tried taming this, trying to attain civility; fine dining, lavish clothing and owning other materialist things. With all this civilization that's taken place over the millennia; why hasn't the human race changed psychologically? We haven't changed enough to not require law enforcement. Imagine if people were left to their own devices without law enforcement today. A thought not worth imagining, but the result would be our inherent bad traits on full display.

He knew it - Mohandas K. Gandhi c.1940:

“(When asked what he thought of Western civilization): 'I think it would be a good idea.”

If applied to present day, the quote would read Western civilization “(When asked what he thought of civilization): 'I think it would be a good idea.”

Internet Systems.

See related article: Internet Systems.

People are using the internet for entertainment, shopping, and so on, but today the consumers are the product.


You are the product.


The negative and many times hurtful comments and opinions on social media are not so much a cause from this technology; it is more of an extension of the inherent violent and brutal nature in humans, to make other people feel weak and powerless and getting gratification in the process. The scientific categorization of humans is as follows: Kingdom: Animalia, Class: Mammals, Order: Primates, Species: Homo sapiens. When working, shopping, living in the systems, this categorization never crosses people's minds. We've become a bit too "intelligent" for that. The bad traits seen in social media, the verbal aggression, is nothing new to humans; it was happening long before the Internet age, but social media made it a lot more convenient and faster to inflict. Verbal abuse is the spoken or written form of violence and brutality. This type of behavior, is mostly kept abated with the knowledge of law enforcement in the back of people's minds. This human state sits along side the traits we associate with goodness. As mentioned before, there are always going to be exceptions "in everything", these are people that have achieved a higher plain of consciousness, and they are not necessarily tied to any religion. But the majority of the human population possess this aggressive behavior, and under particular circumstances it is displayed. The systems we use have only exacerbated this behavior.

If people did not possess these bad traits before The Internet age, there would be more evidence supporting the reasons behind some people's abusive behavior on social media websites. A classic example is that prior to the internet age, people seeking refuge or asylum in various countries received physical and verbal harassment; the people that inflicted this hate didn't need the internet to do it. In fact, the situation can be considered twice as bad now, because harassment can be carried out online as well as in person.

There may actually be some form of global computer brain in the future, but this is not The Internet in its current state.

Global systems have encouraged greed, control, and power; these systems don't let people live in natural ways; This applies to people that work in the systems and people that use them. The systems have been designed to manipulate people, instead of being designed to work for people.

The Human Race.

The day when humanity sees all people as equals and stops dividing people by the color of their skin, race, ethnicity & cultural differences; when humans undergo a radical transformation of the mind and interface with each other on a higher consciousness. That will be a day for a genuine world celebration like no other, the biggest genuine celebration the world will ever see. A joy of humanity through various peoples of the world.

Unlike the big celebrations we know today: huge music concerts, the huge sports events, and any auspicious days of the calendar; these are all temporary forms of being One for a common event. In these events, in these mass gatherings, people revel at the talents and abilities of a group of people or take pride knowing they are celebrating an auspicious day with others. However people participating in these same events under different circumstances, have the potential to be malicious. This is the nature of humans; they come together in short-lived beauty, but also we also possess the potential to inflict horrendous hatred against one another.

The day when there's no mention of borders, countries and people are not referred to or categorized by the color of their skin or ethnicity; the day when communicating with others is always through kindness and compassion. This day can be observed as a time in history when humans began their journey to an absolute transformation of the mind.

The only way this is going to happen is through self-transformation. The alternative is, people can continue down the same path; enjoying rivalries, watching the drama unfold; continuing to get a buzz from gossip, getting satisfaction from people's misfortunes and taking a front row seat to all this.

The systems in the modern age have only put people more at odds with one another and only exacerbated these bad traits in people. Practically every year of our existence there has been War; this specific fact tells us the psychological state of humans; the human tendency to inflict violence, hatred, and brutality onto others.We observe and hear about violence, hatred, and brutality being carried out on a daily basis, and this is happening with law enforcement in place. We dread to imagine what kind of world it would be, if people were left to manage their own actions without law enforcement. This is unfortunately the present psychological state of the human mind.

Some statements in these articles may have made some people feel uncomfortable, but no disrespect is intended to anyone; the urgency of the issues discussed are at a critical stage. These articles were compiled to make people look into the very fabric of their being and change hearts. To urge people to see all others as their absolute equal, regardless of social class, ethnicity, profession, status, or financial wealth. To communicate with all other people with kindness and compassion.

Sadly, the reality is, humanity today is not ready for this kind of absolute transformation of the mind, not under the systems we use today, not with all the hatred that exists. This kind of psychological advancement may come one day; a day of total psychological self-awareness. This is where the human mind needs to be and then passed on to future generations. In the words of the great Professor Carl Sagan, "We are the custodians of this planet", he also said: "... there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves... " The human race has been given the keys to this beautiful planet.

The generations of human beings living today, seem to disassociate themselves from previous generations of human beings, as if they were not the same species. The present generation is only reveling in the glory of technological advancements. The present generation maintains this sense of being a superior form of human and this is brought on by the empowerment of technology.

The reality is technological advancement is a false sense of empowerment that's interlaced into people's daily lives. Strip away all technological advances and all learned cultural etiquette, and there is absolutely no doubt that psychologically modern humans are no different to primitive humans; we have not advanced psychologically. This can not only be observed in some everyday public encounters, but also humans have had some kind of war or conflict since the dawn of human civilization. This is validation that humans have not psychologically progressed at all.

This is how much the modern age respects ancient indigenous peoples.

The First Environmentalists.

My people have lived in the Amazon for 6,000 years: You need to listen to us

The indigenous people's of the world have never sought to conquer other nations to increase their territory to gain more power. They live(d) in harmony with the environment and they learned to respect the resources they have, they've lived in balance with nature.

Quote: "When corporations look at my home in the Amazon rainforest, they don’t see the intricacies of the trees’ roots, the way they weave their way in and out of rich soil. They don’t pay attention to the sound of raindrops as they hit leaves, small and large. They do not see a land capable of sustaining life on Earth, a land that needs protection, a land that is sacred. Instead, they see commodities." See the full article: My people have lived in the Amazon for 6,000 years: You need to listen to us.

My people have lived in the Amazon for 6,000 years: You need to listen to us


A radical transformation of the mind.

With all the hatred that exists, It is only the overhanging presence of law enforcement at the back of people's minds, that is keeping societies in-check, "most of the time." What if people were left to their own devices without law enforcement. A thought not worth imagining, but the result would be the inherent bad traits of people on full display. Take a good look; this is the human race. We can't be entrusted to be inherently good, so we established an overseeing authority (law enforcement) to preserve some kind of order. We undoubtedly know that not all actions taken by law enforcement can be justified; but if people think crime is bad with law enforcement system in place. Think of people's actions without one.

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