This is the most dangerous time

in the history of humanity!


More prominent people than at anytime in history, have this sad and unfortunate view of the world.

Noam Chomsky (2022): “We’re approaching the most dangerous point in human history”

But what do these brilliant minds know? World leaders approach to handling climate change issues is to handle it like any other political issue; climate change needs an immediate global strategy, not a political one. Even while countless environmental groups and scientists are spelling out the warnings. The half-hearted action of world leaders is causing some areas of the world more problems than others. It appears leaders of countries have not witnessed enough climate change devastation yet. They appear to be waiting until the problems greet their country face-to-face in a much bigger way before taking immediate action, Just... like... with... everything... else.

This is the current reaction from world leaders... Long-term, we're going to do this, that, or the other..." What if there were no time for long-term measures? Currently, world leaders are hedging their bets, but all the signs point to initiating long-term measures approximately 20 years ago. Taking long-term measures now is playing a game of roulette; due to the complexity of the problem, no one knows just how severe it is, but the increasing devastation through wildfires, floods, and droughts should be playing on the conscience of world leaders. The consequences of it being too late are too great to ignore.

Yes! There are government efforts to spend billions on climate change initiatives. What good is trying to solve climate change problems when, on the flip side, billions are also being spent on military defense and funding wars? It's also a miraculous coincidence that these types of initiatives occur at the same time a government's elections are about to happen. One has to also wonder where the money for climate change and defense is coming from when many countries already have huge debts.

If governments showed an absolute commitment to climate change and human issues, The money being used on defense spending would be better directed into fixing the environment and helping households that need it most. It does not take a lightbulb moment for any politician to come up with a plan to insulate all homes that need it and create homes for the homeless; build a water supply to areas where there's water scarcity; and keep the plans open until the job is complete. These incentives to help people should run across a change of government under the same names until the job is complete, but that's too easy and too logical.

Prof. Stephen Hawking (2016): “This is the most dangerous time in history of humanity”

He, however, said the challenges can be overcome if the elites unite and learn from the past. Link to article.

Stephen Hawking said this six years ago. Do you think world leaders listen to great minds? Do you think they listen to the wisdom of great minds from the past or learn from the past?



The Light.

An overview of the state of the world is provided by looking into the systems humans employ. As mentioned in these articles, these systems are human-created, and people utilize them like second nature. For several decades, people have never known anything else and have become accustomed to associating these systems with nature. They are part of life, but not what should constitute a natural life—the life that nature intended for human beings.

It took approx. 4.5 billion years to form the planet we know as Earth. In that time, humans have been living on the planet for only a fraction of a second, and in this time, we have devised the systems we utilize today. In the process of creating these systems, all of which are monetary-based, humans have exponentially increased their own problems in the process. After 4.5 billion years since the creation of Earth, Is our purpose on this planet to live by these systems?

How did things go wrong so quickly? This didn't happen suddenly; this was a slow succession of flawed decisions over the decades. These articles barely skim the surface of the problems, but some are mentioned in them: Main Systems, Financial Systems, Health Systems, Education Systems, Nature Converation Systems, Government Systems, Group Systems, Organizations, Information/Media Systems, and Internet Systems.

Agricultural Practices, Food manufacturers.

An issue in desperate need of fixing but not discussed in earlier articles is the poor standards in the food industry, food production, agricultural practices (factory farming), and GMOs. There was a time when we could completely "trust food." People could definitely answer the following questions: Where did the food originate from? What is it made from? Why were certain ingredients used? How did it arrive at its destination? and Is it healthy? Things are definitely uncertain these days; looking at the ingredients on some food labels, we can appreciate why. Some food labels look more like ingredients for a chemistry project than an item of food, but people are still consuming various types of foods without precisely knowing if each of the ingredients is beneficial to the body or if they will harm the body in the long-term. Similar to big tech, the vast portion of the food industry is mainly controlled by big organizations, and the raw ingredients are mainly controlled by big agricultural organizations.

People simply cannot trust a large part of the food industry to make every item of food healthy. People simply can't trust the healthy slogans on the packaging or the ingredients on the label. What about the cruel treatment of animals in factory farming? What about the feed used to bulk up the animals? Animal feed is used to increase the growth of animals faster or produce more milk, among other similar unnatural practices. It would deter more people from eating certain foods if they knew the methods used to produce them.

It was one thing for primitive humans to hunt animals for food, but nobody imagined it would go from that to a multi-billion dollar livestock factory farming industry. The livestock factory farming industry is having a profound impact on the environment. A combination of the cruel treatment of animals in factory farming and the environmental impact of acquiring more land for farming. It's no wonder more people have become vegans.

Food is not food anymore, and even some natural foods are questionable; we all like seeing a comforting, recognizable label for food products that have passed certain tests or inspections and immediately picking that item off the shelf. In various systems, there is a large amount of distrust in various forms; for example, distrust in some organizations. What guarantee is there to trust the businesses putting "approved by" labels on food packaging? Related article (2015): Why Consumers Don't Trust 'Organic' Labels. and (2017, more recent articles still speak of distrust): Free range is a con. There’s no such thing as an ethical egg. Whatever the label; consumer trust is a big factor.

Source Europol:

“EUR 230 million worth of fake food and beverages seized in global OPSON operation targeting food fraud.”

The world's health departments should have advertising campaigns for food information and put posters in all hospitals and medical surgeries.

Next time, before you take that bite, think...

  • Is it genuine or counterfeit
  • Where did the food originate from?
  • How did it arrive at the destination?
  • What type ingredients are used?
  • Why certain ingredients are used?
  • Is it healthy for me?


Selecting food is a tedious chore these days. People can spend a long time looking through a myriad of food labels, such as vegan, organic, sustainable, or non-gmo. Then try to decipher if all the ingredients are healthy. With the various types of food people buy, it's extremely time-consuming. If people purchase the same foods regularly, it becomes less time-consuming; but shouldn't all foods be sourced in a genuinely sustainable way, produced using only the healthiest ingredients, and sold without any misleading labels or slogans on packaging. Governments should enforce these regulations on manufacturers and producers or not allow them to operate.

In fact, most people lead busy lives and don't have the time to sift through every food label. For others, the cost of purchasing healthier, more expensive foods is simply not an option. This is one reason why the food industry is broken. Another system revolving around profits and money. This is another system not created by the public, but they are encouraged to make the effort to check food labels and ingredients for their own health. Governments should take responsibility to ensure all producers and manufacturers only produce sustainable and healthy foods. Side thought: It feels very unreal to be discussing the very food we eat being under question and manufacturers and producers making food that could potentially have harmful health implications.

World Economies.

Just the G10 alone has spent $15 Trillion, and counting. $15 trillion was calculated around 2020. The pandemic global health crisis money injection into the world's people engine, i.e., world economies. The $15T does not, including the trillions injected through various forms of Quantitative Easing (QE) since the financial crash of 2008. Related article: $15 trillion and counting: global stimulus so far. The article is from 2020, fast forward to 2022, we now have global inflation, central banks are raising interest rates, and people are struggling with living costs.

An enormous amount of money has been injected into various markets since 2008; this has kept the markets at historic highs, and millions have significantly benefited from this. People who were fortunate enough (and had options) to take advantage of QE measures increased their wealth considerably. Related link: Financial Systems

Earth split, War, Climate Change


The distance between nature and humanity is increasing, with most of humanity living in a separate existence to nature. We seem to have forgotten that we are a part of nature but have gradually become more and more distant from it. We have a mutual relationship with it. We are nature, and nature is us..

Our deepest heartfelt feelings go out to anyone affected by any of the issues discussed in this article.
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The articles have merely held up a mirror, showing the state of The World and humanity. In 2022, humanity is only ready for a technical transformation. Technical transformations have progressed since the dawn of human beings. Have any technological changes ever initiated a tremendous, lasting psychological change for the good of humanity? Since the dawn of human civilization, there has been killing, hate, anger, greed, power, and control. Related article: Stop & Wake Up. It includes a hatred list, listing the many ways people and groups can be hateful. For each item on the list, humans can react in a number of ways. Brutality and verbal hate (hate speech) are two severe forms of reactions to hate. This is us...human beings.


Picture showing The Earth looking gloomy


Humans come together in times of crisis, like environmental or natural disasters, or for rescue missions, but in other ways they strive to compete against one another. Humans have the wisdom to produce amazing innovations that elevate certain people in the world; why not impart each other's wisdom to elevate all the people in the entire world? If humans can come together in times of devastation, why not come together for everything? A prime example of competition is in technology; when one part of the world celebrates the success of an innovative technology, it does not elevate the entire human race at the same time. It only reaches places that can invest the money to benefit from it.

A classic example of outstanding human success is the European Renaissance era, where art, music, technology, reasoning, and "intelligence" were all celebrated in jubilation. During the same period, millions of human beings were exploited and endured pain and suffering brought on by the brutality of various types of slavery, not only African slavery.

Carl Sagan (1994): "Our posturing, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the universe , are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great, enveloping cosmic darkness. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

Quote from Voyager Golden Record. The Voyager Golden Records are two phonograph records that were included aboard both Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977. The records contain sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form who may find them. The records are a sort of time capsule.

What if we gave an account of the "diversity of life and culture on Earth" in 2022? In 1977, things were not any better than they were in 2022. But the message humans wanted to portray to any intelligent extraterrestrial life forms is that humans on planet Earth are peaceful, with equality for all and love for all cultures. In 2022, we know this is not a true reflection of life on earth; maybe this is why intelligent extraterrestrial life forms are giving us (the human race) a wide berth.

The 2020 pandemic global health crisis was the biggest pause current generations have ever experienced. The world's people engine slowed right down to a point where people could step off, and many did. A pause for human beings to reevaluate their lives and awaken to an awareness of the things that constitute creating a better environment to live in and maybe some are even waking up to see the need to respect and consider all other people as their absolute equals..

This is not enough; Some people waking up to these realities is not enough, because for millennia it has consistently been "some people, the so-called exceptions", but never all of humanity. Currently, there are millions of variations of respect and equality, with every individual walking around with their own definition of it, their own level of it, what it means, who it should include, who it should exclude, and their reasons behind each one of these questions; in addition to this, the majority of thoughts on equality may even be ingenuine. Something more is needed... something transformational.

They knew it - John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Peace Poster (1969):

Picture showing John Lennon & Yoko Ono's peace poster


He knew it - Bob Marley - Concrete Jungle (1973):

“No chains around my feet
But I'm not free”

He knew it - Martin Luther King Jr. (1968):

“It is no longer a choice, my friends, between violence and nonviolence. It is either nonviolence or nonexistence.”

He knew it - Mohandas K. Gandhi:

"The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace."

He knows it - Chris Rea's song - Road to hell (1989):

“Oh look out world, take a good look
What comes down here
You must learn this lesson fast and learn it well
This ain't no upwardly mobile freeway
Oh no, this is the road
Said this is the road
This is the road to hell”

Some nations have been at each other's throats for decades or even centuries. How do we convince rival nations to try for peace? Some countries have decades or centuries of troubling history; the hurt and pain each nation experiences never seem to stop with the next generation; the hurt and pain linger on. How do we prevent racism? When one race believes it is superior to the other, How do we convince people that we are all equal? These are some of the more poignant fundamental issues that have faced humanity for centuries. Looking at all of this today What's changed? Nothing.

All words of wisdom on peace from singers, music bands, artists, writers, teachers, preachers, saints, and peacemakers have done good. Their actions may have initiated short-lived change, but never a lasting solution. How do we reverse the perpetual cycle of condemning each other? What represents the biggest cause of all conflict? It appears to be predominately land and the resources present within the territory. How did the current countries get their borders and land in the first place? In many parts of the world, it was through forcible means or through decades or centuries of conflict. The era of sending out ships and armies to discover or conquer faraway lands represents the past, but the conflict still remains. There are still various conflicts happening in 2022.

People throughout history have used brutality to forcibly acquire land or other territory from others while at the same time drafting a set of rules to establish peace. The irony of trying to establish peace while the slaughter of other people was going on simultaneously People exploited other people to use as slaves because they were not looked on as equals. Humanity can talk a good game when it comes to peace. Forge a set of rules on paper and try living by them to achieve peaceful nations. But it's ironic to try for peace after nations acquire what they want and after the bloodshed and slaughter. If encounters between various peoples of the world were not in the name of peace to begin with at that point in time, then it's not hard to believe the pain that occurred was so deep it remains engrained in the minds of subsequent generations.

Even within each race and culture, for one reason or another, people possess varying levels of ego. Ego can be the cause of conflicts within people's own families. Every person believes they are more righteous than the other, trying to win disputes, wanting power, wanting dominance. Hatred is not confined to nations or various races; it also runs down to the personal level.

Looking at society in general, every person evaluates other people based on looks, race, and dress. Having received these visual cues, boxing them up into a category, all this without any form of verbal communication. From visual cues alone, most people have made judgments about other people based on the values and environment they were raised in. It could be said this is natural human behavior, and some of this is true. However, the class system represents a significant factor in people's perceptions of other people. Unless someone is perceived to be a threat, people's judgment is wrong.

He knew it - Jiddu Krishamurti:

“The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.”

Over millennia, people have tried to convince one generation after another that all people are fundamentally the same. Some unique individuals, including singers, music bands, artists, teachers, preachers, saints, and peacemakers, have all tried to bring peace through beauty in songs, artwork, or words of wisdom. It hasn't worked! Only the "exceptions" genuinely understand, but never all of humanity. If stringing words together to make beautiful prose was enough, We would be living in peace and harmony today.

Hate is predominately the way "most" people interface with the rest of society, with pockets of goodness. There's little evidence to prove otherwise.

Most people's initial thoughts when discussing hate are individuals hating one another; it can also be groups and the systems we use today.

Literally, one perceived wrong look is enough for some to think about hate. Even a polite smile is more often than not misinterpreted as an offensive gesture today. There are a myriad of incorrect interpretations of a sincere smile. For many people, someone smiling just to be polite is typically the last thought on their mind. This is the sad state of the world we live in. Everyone is second-guessing what the other is thinking without comprehending the exact intension. Crowded holiday shopping usually has all of these traits on full display: be discourteous while shopping, but then celebrate a time for honoring peace, joy, and kindness to humankind afterwards. It seems online shopping has its benefits. Holiday shopping is just an example; in any environment where people anticipate a shortage of some kind of resource or some kind of territory; the genuine nature of human beings surfaces very quickly.

She knew it - Saint Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa):

"Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing."

Within human-created systems, people rarely convey their true selves. People interact with each other by primarily hiding their genuine emotions. This is recognized as etiquette, and in many cases we should be grateful it exists; not having etiquette is not worth thinking about. The type of relationship we have with others determines the level at which people communicate their true selves. Etiquette is something that is learned, so we can interact in the various systems we use. We are disciplined to be good; it's not an innate trait that humans possess. Related link: Information Overload.

Any person who contradicts this etiquette or does not conform to some social "rule" within a group is disliked. This is accepted as "that's what people are like..." This is more about what people have become, increasingly through the influence of various forms of media. In particular, mainstream news media, soap dramas, and junk reality TV shows that depict the worst form of human interaction. Is the reality part of "reality TV" just telling us what we already know about ourselves? Judgmental, Spiteful, Malicious, Violent, Vindictive, Cruel, Brutal, Racist, Prejudiced, and Oppressive—so many words to describe the various severities of hate.

The systems people use today have given individuals and groups more reasons to hate one another and the systems they have to live with. It didn't take the modern era to come up with these conclusions; some people knew this many centuries ago.

He knew it - Confucius - c. 450 BC:

"It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve, and bad things are very easy to get."

There are invariably going to be exceptions; some of these could be referred to as people's inner circles, but there can't be equality and peace only within some inner circles. If people's view of the world is only through their good relationships with friends and family and believe that's all that matters, this may be partly true, but the fact is, there is hatred within inner circles too. The notion that only family and friends are all that matter is not a very strong one. If that were true, there would never be any hatred between friends or families. It is understood that hatred between closely related individuals can be among the most viscous types of hatred; when it happens, actions are usually unrestricted.

The bottom line is, hate exists in human beings in their present state.

Some generations of human beings living today seem to disassociate themselves from humans from a previous time in history, as if they were not the same species, or, using the analogy of a software app, as if they are a more advanced version. The present generation revels in the glory of technological advancements in the digital age and how we can circumvent the globe using various transportation methods. The present generation has this notion that "we're this invincible version of human beings", because of the incredible empowerment of technology.

The technology drives this feeling of empowerment. The reality is that this is a false sense of empowerment that is intertwined with people's daily lives. Strip away all technological advances and all learned etiquette, and there is no doubt that the human mind today is not psychologically different from that of early humans; any advancements in this area have been insignificant. This can be observed in the current state of the world. There's no harmony between people within a nation, let alone harmony between various nations. There has been some kind of war or conflict since the dawn of human civilization, this is concrete proof that humans have not psychologically progressed.

You couldn't fault anyone for thinking....



Here's a gift: here's a beautiful marble-like world to live in, with the beauty of the water, the trees, the flowers,

the beautiful creatures, and conscious thought and awareness so you can all enjoy it together in peace and harmony. . Against a different backdrop, knowing the hatred humans portray towards one another and the destructive way we have treated the planet, you couldn't fault anyone for having the sentiments in the banner. During early civilization, when humans did not understand the universe, this statement would be inaccurate. but for many decades now, humans have acknowledged the relationship between the earth and the universe. Maybe primary education should begin here.

Humans possess remarkable intelligence to accomplish astonishing and beautiful things. We have invested a vast amount of intelligence into living. There have been many that have aided other people, and they have done so wholeheartedly with eye-watering compassion.

Convincing people to recognize others with genuine equality and want to spread peace can't be done with an iron fist. Right now, there are groups of people despising each other because one group's thoughts are not in alignment with another group's. Convincing a group opposing a legitimate cause can't be done forcefully.

It's true that there are some groups that demand things that don't constitute anything good for humanity; for example, some groups believe people of various races should not mix; they don't like other races. Contrary to general belief, this happens to all races, but some more than others. How did they come to this decision? What causes them to think this way? Did they endure a bad experience with a person of another race? Many groups continue to believe in the segregation of races even after centuries of violence and bloodshed. Even after several peacemakers have tried to convince them otherwise. Some people may alter their views, but others pass on their views to the next generation. Racism is one form of hate, but societies should strive to eradicate any type of hate. Related article: Stop & Wake Up.

The day humanity stops dividing people by class (caste), gender, skin color, race, ethnicity, cultural differences, or any other division That's the day humanity accomplished a transformation of the mind, a paradigm shift in consciousness. This will be a day for a genuine world celebration like no other—the biggest genuine celebration the world will ever see. A joy of humanity through various peoples of the world.

This celebration of humanity will not be like: huge music concerts, big sports events; various groups uniting for a cause; not like any auspicious days of the calendar; these represent temporary forms of being one for a common event. In many of these mass gatherings, people are united for a short period of time. Individuals attending the same events under different circumstances possess the potential to despise each other either verbally or physically. This is the nature of humans: they come together and mutually enjoy the beauty in music, art, and compassion, like the compassion shown in a rescue mission where multiple nations work together to save other humans. Humans also have the potential to inflict horrendous hatred against one another, as if all that beauty is something to be only admired outwardly but does not apply inwardly.

Sometimes a few words say it all.

He knew it - Bob Marley - One Love (1965):

“One love, one heart
Let's get together and feel all right"

Sadly, humanity is not ready for the type of transformation of the mind needed for peace among all peoples of the world; in fact, it has never been ready, and it's definitely not ready in 2022. There's far too much hatred toward each other; other in this context means other individuals, groups, or countries. It seems humanity has reached a point where people enjoy others being persecuted, even relishing the thought of entities known to be in contention with each other having interactions; some of this is passed off as entertainment.

This is one example of what world peace looks like today:

“Biden announces another $3 billion in arms for Ukraine -- but Kyiv still frets about long-term US commitment." Full article.

No country is being singled out; the authors of this Wikipedia webpage have carried out a magnificent job of listing the Military Aid, Financial Aid, and Humanitarian Aid provided by various countries. The Russo-Ukrainian War began in 2014. See link: List of foreign aid to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Many people in countries far away from the conflict who have thought compassionately about innocent people dying will look at the list in bewilderment, contemplating why some countries are sending destructive weapons while at the same time sending humanitarian aid. The answer will be in a subsequent part, under the title Natural Solutions.

Imagine if that money was used to help the people below and create a better environment instead. What is the value of your vote?

Most elderly, disabled and poor being left out


Wanting peace and creating a better environment for humanity is a truly incredible message to spread, and any group or individual that conveys that message in a totally peaceful way should be greatly admired.

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