The Big Global Rethink!
The Big Rethink!
2021 - Don't be influenced by these things; find alternative ways of doing the the following:
  • being informed.
  • where you buy things.
  • running your finances.
  • keeping in touch with others.
  • watching media content.
use organizations that have your interests at the heart of their company and treat you in a honest and humanistic way.


Most of TV. Very poor quality shows, in particular, what could be classed as "You see, you do shows". This kind of TV influences people in a bad way across the age spectrum. Do not be influenced by any character on TV or what they do, have your own mind, live your own life.


Social Networking. Brings about a false sense of reality. Plus did we ever need to know what someone or some business is doing every minute of the day.


Corrupt Financial Institutions. Customers make their organization function and keep them running and make them millions but in return there is no loyalty to the customers, they intentionally drive people into debt and ruin countless lives and this is when they not running schemes unfairly. There is no human element to the way they operate the business. These types of organizations have literally driven people to take their own lives. If you do not pay a bill almost immediately, then legal proceedings are carried out. The Government could change the law so financial institutions or any organization cannot take out legal proceeding against anyone for not paying a bill, this way organizations will adapt their businesses accordingly to bring out fairer services from the outset.


News Media. Report news in a judgmental way, add their own twist to current news stories to the dramatize and build up their ratings. Agreed that if it's something that has an immediate effect on your life it is different, but we do not need 24hr coverage on current news. If that was not enough; it is repeated on social networks, radio, magazines and newspapers.


Politicians. Enough said...


Big Tech Monopolies. Their obligation should to the customers that use their platforms. They should be fairer to smaller organizations and businesses. They should not monetize your data. You have elevated their business by using their products and made them billions in money, in return customer should be their first priority. We all know this is not the case, anyone that has experienced the torture of after sales, can relate to this.


Advertising & Sales. For every type of person, for every class of person, there is an advertising campaign, to sell you everything you do not need. Make animals talk, make characters out of everyday objects, put on silly cartoons, play on a generation from 60's 70's, 80's 90's etc. They will play on your every single emotion to sell you every kind of product to you based on an experience you have had. They will take a genuinely great piece of music or a song and totally ruin it by hawking something against it. Even ads that sell you on not to have advertising if you pay extra. It does not appear things will change any time soon and they are finding new ways to put it in front of your face. It is up to people to not play into any of it and make them unsuccessful.

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December 2020

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