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May 2022

Hundreds in Orange County, California, are still under evacuation orders as Coastal Fire engulfs 20 homes.

Delhi, UP Record Highest Temperature At 49 Degrees Celsius Amid Heatwave, Heavy Spell In Other States.

Quote from our article: The Environment:

It's not their problem until, it becomes their problem.

July 2022

Explaining the ‘unusually extreme’ rain and weather that caused Sydney’s fourth major flood in two years.

Heat torches Southern Europe, killing hundreds.

UK must ‘heat-proof’ itself against rising temperatures amid warning thousands could die this summer.

Heat wave kills more than 1,700 people in Spain and Portugal.

UN's assessment looking more and more realistic, still on track: Water scarcity

Half of the world’s population could be living in areas facing water scarcity by as early as 2025.

This could mean animals dying on a large scale and human migration on a monumental scale.

December 2022

On the brink: Extinction crisis puts 1 million species on the verge of disappearing.

January 2023

January 2023 was nation’s 6th warmest on record.

February 2023

Wild weather pattern brings record warmth — and cold — across the country.

March 2023

Deadly cyclone Freddy has become Earth’s longest-lived tropical storm.

Climate change and bomb cyclones: What do we know?

April 2023

Large swathes of Asia are sweltering through record breaking temperatures.

The Guardian - Extreme temperatures described as ‘worst April heatwave in Asian history’ as records threatened in India, China, Thailand and Laos.

April Mediterranean heatwave ‘almost impossible’ without climate crisis.

The Guardian - April Mediterranean heatwave: Extreme event would have been expected once in 40,000 years before global heating, scientists estimate

May/June 2023

‘Unprecedented’ Canadian fires intensified by record heat, climate change.

July 2023

Earth reaches hottest day ever recorded 4 days in a row.

September 2023

Earth's Record Hottest August, Boreal Summer Was In 2023.

‘Smashed’: summer of 2023 the hottest ever recorded.

Record rainfall in Spain leads to deaths and travel chaos.

At least 7 people dead as floods ravage Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria.

Libya floods: how climate change intensified the death and devastation.

Nature - The immediate cause was extreme rain: the equivalent of a year’s rainfall in 24 hours.


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May 2022

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