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Humans, The only known species to have consciousness, and we have misused it!


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Apr 2022

How the Rajapaksas Destroyed Sri Lanka’s Economy.

May 2022

Sri Lanka Crisis: Shoot-At-Sight Orders As Protest Intensifies.

June 2022

US to provide an additional $1bn in security assistance to Ukraine for its efforts in Donbas.

August 2022

US pledges $1 billion more rockets, other arms for Ukraine.

September 2022

US announces $1.1bn arms sale to Taiwan, angering China.

Biden approves an additional $1.1 billion in security assistance for Ukraine.

October 2022

US announces new $725m military assistance package for Ukraine.

EU foreign ministers approve another military aid package worth 500 mln euro to Ukraine.

August 2023

US has cleared way for F-16s to be sent to Ukraine, say Denmark and Netherlands

Aug 20th - While many have been busy enjoying their weekend... More talk of peace at work??

Netherlands and Denmark to donate up to 61 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

Ukrainian pilots begin training on much sought after F-16 fighter jets, Kyiv says


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May 2022

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