DSC Resource Kit Release September 2018

DSC Resource Kit Release November 2018

LiveFyre commenting will no longer be available on the PowerShell Gallery

PowerShell ScriptAnalyzer Version 1.18.0 Released

DSC Resource Kit Release October 2018

PowerShell Module Function Export in Constrained Language

Announcing the PowerShell Preview Extension in VSCode

Windows Security change affecting PowerShell

New Look and Features for PowerShell Gallery

The PowerShell Extension is now in the Azure Data Studio Marketplace

Announcing PowerShell Core 6.1

PowerShell Standard Library: Build single module that works across Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core

The PowerShell-Docs repo is moving

Parsing Text with PowerShell (1/3)

The PowerShell-Docs repositories have been moved

Parsing Text with PowerShell (2/3)

Desired State Configuration (DSC) Planning Update – September 2018

PowerShell Constrained Language mode and the Dot-Source Operator

DSC Resource Kit Release April 2019

DSC Resource Kit Release January 2019

General Availability of PowerShell Core 6.2

Announcing General Availability of the Windows Compatibility Module 1.0.0

The PowerShell Gallery is now more Accessible

PowerShell Core Release Improvements

Using PSScriptAnalyzer to check PowerShell version compatibility

The Next Release of PowerShell – PowerShell 7

Generating PowerShell Cmdlets from OpenAPI/Swagger with AutoRest

Invoke-Sqlcmd is Now Available Supporting Cross-Platform

DSC Resource Kit Release February 2019

Announcing General Availability of the Windows Compatibility Module 1.0.0

Parsing Text with PowerShell (3/3)

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