ypstart, ypstop - Start and stop NIS services ypstart

zfs_share - share and unshare a ZFS file system zfs_share

wall - write to all users wall

ypbind - NIS binder process ypbind

ypinit - set up NIS clien ypinit

wanboot_keymgmt - insert and extract keys wanboot_keymgmt

zstreamdump - filter data in zfs send stream zstreamdump

fwtmp, wtmpfix - manipulate connect accounting records wtmpfix

zic - time zone compiler zic

wracct - write extended accounting records for active processes and wracct

ypxfr, ypxfr_1perday, ypxfr_1perhour, ypxfr_2perday - transfer NIS map ypxfr

wanbootutil - manage keys and certificates for WAN booting wanbootutil

ypstart, ypstop - Start and stop NIS services ypstop

zonestatd - zones monitoring daemon zonestatd

zdump - time zone dumper zdump

zpool - configures ZFS storage pools zpool

ypset - point ypbind at a particular server ypset

zoneadmd - zone administration daemon zoneadmd

zonecfg - set up zone configuration zonecfg

zfs_allow - delegates ZFS file system administration permission to non- zfs_allow

whodo - who is doing wha whodo

zfs_encrypt - encrypting ZFS file systems zfs_encrypt

zoneadm - administer zones zoneadm

wpad - WPA and WPA2 protocol daemon wpad

yppoll - return current version of a NIS map at a NIS server hos yppoll

zdb - ZFS debugger zdb

wusbadm - administer wireless USB hosts and devices wusbadm

zfs - configures ZFS file systems zfs

ypserv_resolv - DNS forwarding service daemon for NIS ypserv_resolv

zonep2vchk - check a global zone's configuration for physical to vir- zonep2vchk

wanboot_p12split - split a PKCS #12 file into separate certificate and wanboot_p12split

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