dnf(8) - DNF Command Reference

whatis - display manual page descriptions

systemd.journal-fields(7) - Special journal fields

parted(8) - a partition manipulation program

systemd-path(1) - List and query system and user paths

hammer -h

lvs(8) - Display information about logical volumes

mandb(8) - create or update the manual page index caches

pstree(1) - display a tree of processes

systemd.generator(7) - Systemd unit generators

yum-utils(1) - tools for manipulating repositories and extended package management

ln(1) - make links between files

hammer(1) - the CLI tool (not only) for Foreman

pvs(8) - Display information about physical volumes

iptstate(8) - A top-like display of IP Tables state table entries

stat(1) - display file or file system status

pmap(1) - report memory map of a process

zipdetails - display the internal structure of zip files

needs-restarting(1) - report running processes that have been updated

yumdownloader(1) - download RPM packages from Yum repositories

systemd.special(7) - Special systemd units

catman(8) - create or update the pre-formatted manual pages

show-installed(1) - show installed RPM packages and descriptions

fdisk(8) - manipulate disk partition table

sfdisk(8) - partition table manipulator for Linux

cfdisk(8) - display or manipulate disk partition table

vgs(8) - Display information about volume groups

systemd.preset(5) - Service enablement presets

dnf.conf(8) - DNF Configuration Reference

file-hierarchy(1) - File system hierarchy overview

lspci(8) - list all PCI devices

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